Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The first that I ever heard of the concept that thought creates came from the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, which came into my life 43 ½ years ago.  Over the ensuing decades I have studied and taught this concept by various names – prosperity thinking, positive thinking, creative visualization, manifesting, law of attraction – and with various methodologies for support – affirmations, goal setting, creating dream boards, etc.  The general public has moved from As A Man Thinketh to The Secret.  Regardless of what it is called, or how it is practiced, the basis is the same… THOUGHT = CREATION/MANIFESTION.


BUT HERE’S THE KICKER:  EVERY thought creates!


Too many times over the years I have heard variations of:


            “I said my affirmations for 20 minutes,”

            “I worked on my goals/dream board for 30 minutes,”

            “I read 2 chapters in my positive thinking book,” BUT

            “I still am not getting what I want”, or, “S*%#% still happens.”


To which I reply, “Well, DUH…..what are you doing the other 23 hours 30 minutes of the day?”


There seems to be some “hope/thought” that only the things one thinks during the 30 minutes of dedicated “work” will manifest and every other thought has no ramifications.  NOT TRUE!


THE “X-FACTOR”:  Emotion is the rocket fuel for thought.  Every time you add emotion to the equation you multiply the potentiality for manifestation.  The more intense the emotion, the greater the multiplying factor.


One of the most important steps in mastering this process is learning the value of “Neutral”.  I have used several metaphors to try to help people understand this process, i.e.,    “Consider the thoughts that pass through you mind as you would visitors to your door.  Some you invite in with open arms, and some you do not let pass the door.” – You don’t become angry at the ones you do not let in, you simply say “no thanks” and let them be on their way.


During these times of heightened energies and manifestation, it is my personal belief that there is NOTHING more important that being mindful of what thoughts you embrace and energize and what you are in truth creating.  But sometimes it is just near to impossible to jump from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  This is where Neutral becomes a higher value.  To this end, I have adopted what I call the Spiritual Hippocratic Oath:




Remembering that ALL thoughts create!  Make it a priority to see that you do not entertain or energize anything that you do not want to manifest in your life.  If you find yourself embroiled in negative thinking of any kind, seek to neutralize those thoughts.  That means to take away all the energy on said thoughts.  Remove all emotions and do not allow yourself to wallow in those thoughts.  Just be neutral.  In effect, create nothing…in as much as possible.


Please, please imprint this upon your brain…


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A very dear friend just made his transition from physical to non-physical, which is the impetus for this writing.  I want to share with you something that has been going on for me for some time.  This may be a little lengthy, but please hang in there with me.


A little back ground – I have two friends…one female (let’s call her “Missy”) and one male (let’s call him “Mister”).  Each is ½ of a couple that are near and dear to Don and me.  I’ve known each for well over 2 decades and am quite familiar with not only their spiritual beliefs but their spiritual practices.  In fact, I have channeled for both on many occasions.


It is “Mister” who has just transitioned.  He was one of the kindest and most gentle souls I have ever met.  A dedicated metaphysical student, he read incessantly, listened to tapes, attended seminars, studied A Course In Miracles and meditated hours at a time.  More than that, he really altered his thinking and general outlook on life and he was a blessing to everyone he met.  He bravely and good-spiritedly battled Hodgkins for the last several years.  I know for a fact that he believed in the unseen, in the power of thought and in the Galactic Federation.  I also know for a fact his intention was firmly set and never wavered in his desire to be here for Disclosure and the New Awakening.  And yet, he is no longer with us in the physical.


“Missy” was raised a Christian Scientist and has always been an ardent metaphysical student.  She and her husband have created wellness centers and have served the health conscious community for years.  A few years ago “Missy” suffered an accident which has left her in unbelievable pain.  Misdiagnosed for a long time, the general consensus now seems to be she has some kind of brain injury.  She is in constant pain – it hurts to lie down, to sit, to stand, to open her eyes.  “Missy” has access to every kind of healer in the metaphysical community and she has utilized everyone she can.  She has used traditional medicine, Chinese medicine, Christian Science healers and even spent weeks in a Christian Science clinic.  She knows more about metaphysics than just about anybody I know and she is diligent in her application of her beliefs.  And yet, she still suffers in pain.


To say that I have spent literally thousands of hours meditating about, praying for and praying about these two friends would still be an understatement.  Although I am well aware that these are their journeys, those said journeys have at times caused me to truly question my beliefs and my faith.  I have asked for answers, lessons, guidance, words for comfort for them…..ANYTHING.  One of the reasons I have not written about this sooner is that I keep hoping that I will have some clarity all of a sudden.  That I will understand.  That I can help.  After all these years of contemplation and meditation on the subject, I still keep coming up with the same very unsatisfying answer…….which is…..


It must simply be a matter of Karma.  Nothing else, NOTHING ELSE makes any sense.  Tied to that is the lesson about judgment.  I am forever being told “you don’t have the perspective to judge”.  What I’ve come to know about that statement is this:  Unless you know EVERY thing that has EVER transpired in that soul’s journey, including the effects of ALL of its journey on every other soul, and unless you know EVERY thing that will EVER happen to that soul in its on-going, including the effects it will have on ALL other souls it will ever encounter, then you do not have the perspective from which to judge.  And, as it has been revealed to me, only God and Holy Spirit have that perspective.  Hence, “you just don’t know enough to have an opinion or judgment”. 


As “Mister” was coming into his final days, I also realized that it was quite possible that what I viewed as his “suffering” and the “unfairness” of the situation might well be the very last thing that he needed for soul ascension.  (I feel pretty safe in saying that I don’t think Mafu would have chosen to be a leper, Ramtha to spend 7 years in pain on a rock, or Jesus that whole cross bit if they could have had a conscious choice.)  What I had to settle for was that I do not at the present time have the perspective to “know” or understand why “bad things happen to good people”.  And I want you to know, it is a personal struggle to be “satisfied” with that.  My ego wants an answer to “why”.  My heart wants to give comfort.  My True Self wants to live in the knowledge that there is nothing “wrong”, and that one day I may have “eyes to see”.  Until that time, all I can do is offer my unbounded love to “Mister” and his dear wife and to “Missy” and her dear husband.


And, my love is given freely to all of you -- JOAN

Monday, July 15, 2013


(This is being written in response to questions and remarks initiated by the posting of “Convergence of Thoughts.”


There seems to be some confusion regarding “do your best” and “perfection”.  So let’s discuss that a little bit.


I certainly did not mean to imply that one should set out to be the world’s best/perfect anything – Olympic champ, entrepreneur, corporate giant, mother/father, or anything else.  I did mean that one should endeavor to do “your” best at all times.  It can often be that the person who came in 10th place and did their best was more successful than the person who came in 3rd and slacked off.  This is NOT about being “perfect” or #1 in all things.  It IS about being present and conscious in whatever you do and not doing anything by half-measures.


Although it is important to do one’s best at whatever activity one is engaged in, the truer interpretation of the previous writing is this – You at Your Best is an aspect of the Creator, and it is THOSE aspects that have no quarter-sanction.  There are no degrees of love, peace, joy, kindness, allowing.  (One either IS or is NOT.)  THOSE are the areas wherein it is important to be YOU at YOUR BEST – the best defined here at the Spiritual Being that you are.


I know the bar is high, but then, who wants to aim low?


Love you all -- JOAN

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This morning I had an epiphany as a result of the confluence of three things:

1)     Contemplation about a documentary called “Kumare”

2)     The phrase:  “Do You”

3)     And, the 4th Agreement, “Always Do Your Best”


KUMARE:  I few days ago I received the following email from Jo Baner:

“Art and I watched a movie last night called "Kumare". It's a documentary of a guy that was trying to prove that anyone can be a guru just by faking it....or something like that.

Anyway, this is the best example of what "living your Avatar" is all about. I was amazed. Even the guy who did this found that the outcome was not what he expected. All through the film I was thinking....."he's living his purpose and he doesn't even realize it yet!"


And so, I streamed the documentary on Netflix and was profoundly affected.  In fact, I just let myself float for days asking to be shown everything there was to know about this.  Last night I watched it for the second time, and again, the light bulbs kept flashing all night.


I may write more about this in the future, but I wanted you to know about the documentary as it was the playing field for everything that followed.  At this point, I think I could do a weekend seminar on all that has been revealed for me.

And yes, it is an excellent example of living one’s Spiritual model.


DO YOU:  For years I have been asked some form of “What do I do?”  It may have been phrased as wanting to know what kind of meditation, asana, diet, exercise, spiritual practice or just “What is my mission/purpose in life?”  If I tried to respond with “It isn’t what you do, but how you do it,” or “Just Be” I was most often greeted with blank stares.


In the past few years the phrase “Do You” has become popular.  But, you see, the trick is which “You” do you “Do”?  Is it the one that was molded by your parents, environment and limited thought?  Or is it the one that is your true spiritual self?

ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST:  For years I have thought I understood and applied this, the Fourth Agreement (Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz).  And I have taught this in many informs, including an understanding that some days your best is better than others.  But then this morning, this phrase turned in to….




And here is where the confluence of thought happened.


It occurred to me that I have never heard Spirit say, “Forgive me, but I’m having a bad/off day today and I’m just not at my best.” Or, “Sorry, I’m doing my best, but I’m just not up to par, I’ll do better next time.”


Again, the trick is YOU(R) BEST.  And what else could that be but your Spiritual Self applied at ALL times in ALL things that you DO with no excuses or expectations of a “day off” from being that BEING that is the truth of who you are.



1)     Have I, in any way, lowered my expectations of what my Spiritual Avatar would be like?  Have I, in any way, given myself some “excuses” for “only being human”?

2)    What thought patterns do I allow in my mind that I would not expect to hear from the Mind of God?

3)    And finally, here is the kicker:

I realized it is time to draw a line in the Universal sand.  On one side stands the Spiritual Aspirant – one who studies and practices Spiritual expression, and on the other side stands the Spiritual Being – one who IS Spiritual expression.  And the time, it appears, has now come to decide on which side shall I stand.


And so I pose the same question to you.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


It’s time to take a look at self-limiting definitions.  What are they?  They are the “stories” we have accepted and tell ourselves that shape our view of who we think we are.  They are the lenses through which we view our life experiences and which limit our thinking and perspective.  Self-limiting definitions are the boxes around our potentiality and possibility. In truth, they are our pre-judgment/prejudices of our lives. 


Here are some of the “greatest hits” that I have heard over and over throughout the past few years.


·         I am an adult child of an alcoholic/drug addict.

·        I grew up in an abusive home.

·        My mother/father was a tyrant.

·        My family is predisposed to alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.

·        Nothing I ever did was good enough for my Mother/Father.

·        Nothing I ever do is good enough for my wife/husband.

·        I had to fight for everything I had when I was growing up.

·        I grew up in a poor family.

·        I had a single parent and he/she was never around.

·        I was bullied/abused/beaten as a child.

·        My parents were strict Catholics/Jews/Lutherans/Democrats/Republicans and I was raised that way.

·        I was never allowed to do what I wanted to do; I always had to do what my mother/father/wife/husband wanted me to do.


And here is the “kicker”, this also applies to past-life and metaphysical stories as well.


·        I was burned as a witch.

·        I was raped/killed/beaten

·        I was a Queen/King or peasant/slave

·        I am a Pleidian/Syrian

·        I am a Starseed

·        I am a walk-in

Now, here’s the thing.  BOTH this life’s story and past lives’ stories are the same.  They are ALL in the past, and have NOTHING to do with NOW.


BUT, you say, “I really did grow up with……have….”  That may indeed be the circumstances as you know them to be, but again, that was then and now is now, everything that is of the past that you allow color your “now” is by function a self-limiting definition.


Over 20 years ago I channeled a teaching which my husband called “The Last Lesson” (one of the founding principles of the Avatar Program).  The summary statement for that lesson is:  Live your life empowered by YOUR choices and conscious intent, at absolutely NO effect of outside influences.  And that, dear ones, most assuredly includes self-limiting definitions of who you think you are.


The opportunity before you is to 1) identify any and all self-limiting definitions that you have, 2) examine how they affect all of your thoughts and actions about absolutely everything in your life, 3) try to imagine what your life would be like if you released these self-limiting definitions, and then 4) live in such a way that you are no longer at effect of these limitations.


I will “warn” you that this is one of the most “difficult” exercises I have asked you to tackle.  Why?  Because these self-limiting definitions are very intricately tied to the picture of who we think we are.  In short, we simply never ever think of ourselves without their influence upon our lives.  To try to imagine letting them go often engenders fear – fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss of identity.  Please realize that all these fears are self-limiting definitions in and of themselves.


Why would I want you to take on such an exercise?  Because it is the key to the doorway of all you can be – your unlimited potentiality of the truth of who you are – and truly unlimited being.  Freedom will be the kingdom in which you live.  And the benefits of living in the kingdom of Freedom are unlimited love, peace and joy.  I could not wish more for you than that.


Please remember – I am always here if you need assistance or clarity, and I hold you in my heart at all time.                           With great love -- JOAN

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Judging by some of the responses that I’ve received from the Blessings writing, i.e. “I’ll do that next time I go to the store” or “I might even try that in a restaurant”, it would appear that I did not make the point very clear.  The instructions were to apply the blessing to any and all things.  For example;


1)     You turn on your computer to write an email.  Think of all the hands that made that happen – the designer of the computer, manufacturer, transportation, salesperson, and all that went into the software.  Then realize the same depth with the internet.  And by the way, what about those responsible for your house, the electricity, the desk, your chair?

2)    Consider the lowly toothpick.  How many hands were involved in getting that toothpick from the forest to you?


I can hear you say, “But Joan, I’m just too busy to do this.”  My answer:  yes and no.  Of course you are too busy during the day to do the arduous exercise of considering and naming every single possibility of everything you touch, see and do.  BUT you do have 1-2 minutes to contemplate just 1 thing.  (Don used his beloved Trader Joe’s chocolate.)


If you let yourself embrace the exercise – truly get into it, you will be astonished at the number of people that it takes to bring one little piece of your life into being. Once you let yourself have this in-depth experience, from that point on all you have to do is look at something and let the kaleidoscoping effect of your mind just stretch out so that you can embrace and uplift all that have brought whatever you are contemplating into your life.


It becomes apparent that hundreds of thousands of people are necessary for you to experience your day-to-day life.  Without them, your life would be infinitely different.  And, what about all those who support them so that they can do what they do?


The first time I truly did this exercise I was literally brought to my knees.  It was one of the most profound, enlightening and humbling experiences of my life.  I wept.  I understood the introduction motif of the TV series “Touch”.  I saw not only the interdependence by the absolute intertwining of all lives.  I also saw that by asking for the elevation of consciousness of all those involved there would be a profound effect upon the collective.


Then, I was instructed to “reverse” the process and look at how if I did not turn on the computer, use the toothpick, eat the chocolate, none of those people would need to exist.  And I understood my part in the matrix.


I then heard, “now you can understand the truth behind ‘we the people’ not ‘we a bunch of folks’ or ‘mankind’ not ‘menkind’ for indeed you are one”. 


My dear friends, in my 30 years of service (in various forms) to what I now call the Sacred Stream of Consciousness, I have been given many exercises, meditations and celebrations.  I can honestly say that I cannot recall any that have affected me as much as this one has.  I truly believe that anyone who embraces this exercise will never be the same again.  I know that I will not – and Don says he won’t either.


In one of Richard Bach’s books (Don and I dispute which one), he ends with “There is only one of us here, and it is you.” I think this blessing and prayer for assistance in raising the consciousness of all involved  finally makes this clear.


With very deep gratitude for your presence in my life - JOAN

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I usually bless my food/meal and give thanks for it.  However, at the end of what would have been my “usual” blessing, this came through:  Bless those who raised this food, transported it, marketed it and prepared it and may the souls of all the hands who have touched this food be assisted in raising their consciousness to the highest level allowed by Universal Law.


Stunned, I asked, “What the heck was that all about?”  And, the answer is:


            You are used to “praying” for individuals and identified groups, such as those in Darfur or victims of tragedies.  It is time you realized your connectedness and interdependence upon all those who impact your life that you do not know and do not acknowledge.  Begin blessing and praying for every individual that impacts your life.  For example, whenever you go into a store, bless everyone who works there and supplies the store and ask for assistance in their awakening process.  Do this everywhere you go and with everything you do.

            This will accomplish 3 things:

1)     You will find yourself in constant prayer.

2)    You will become increasingly aware of how every individual in the world affects your life and they will become precious to you.

3)    It will help with the raising of the collective consciousness, which will help to accelerate the many things you wish to see manifest.


If you will allow yourself to ponder the implications of this I think you will see how amazingly profound this simple little thing can be.


With Great Love -- JOAN 

Friday, May 24, 2013


I have chosen not to write about “ascension symptoms” as I believe there is a plethora of information out there.  However, I have noticed recently that there is a “theme” arising with the people to whom I speak – whether they are in the Avatar program or just in “regular” life.  So, I would like to address a couple of things.


There are a basic set of “symptoms” that fall into what a friend of mine called the “Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome” (J&HS).  They include:


·         Feeling loving, kind, joyous, and one with the Universe one day, and then wanting to beat the stuffing out of someone the next day or tell someone off with unexplained anger showing up at the strangest times.

·        Feeling like you’re 35 years old, clear headed, have lots of strength & energy and feeling like anything and everything is possible.  Then the next day feeling 135 years old, achy, pains everywhere, muddled thinking and not one dang thing feels possible to do.

·        At love with life one day, borderline depression the next.

·        Feeling awake, light and lively one day and then feeling so tired, sluggish and heavy the next you can hardly drag the body around.


The following is what I have learned about the above from the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.  


The experiences above are a result of “dimensional slips”; that is, the “higher” experiences are a result of higher dimensional experiences, and conversely the lower symptoms are from lower dimensional experiences.  It seems that we are in the process of “sliding” between dimensions.  This serves two purposes:  (1) it gets us used to the higher frequencies without “frying” our circuits, and (2) it allows us to finish and clean up business left at the lower frequencies.  This analogy was given me: Imagine you have a bucket of murky water.  If you take a piece of cheesecloth and dip it deep into the bucket and pull it up, there will be residue of the muck on the cloth.  If you clean the cloth and repeat the process eventually you will have a clean bucket of water.  So is it with the process of “cleaning” out our lower frequency selves to better prepare us for the higher frequencies.

I was also told that those who have the knowledge and consciousness about what is happening, i.e. the ascension process, will be able to maximize the benefits of these experiences and minimize the difficulties. It seems extremely important that we resist the temptation to “label” these occurrences with illness names or other old 3rd dimensional explanations.


 It would appear that since the earth and much of mankind has already made ascension progress the collective is benefiting from the work that spiritual sojourners have done for the past few decades.  Therefore, even those who do not understand what is going on are experiencing the “J&HS”.  I was also told to look at TV ads, news and general references and notice the apparent rise in conversation about products to boost energy, deal with depression, create a better mood, and to notice the inexplicable increase in anger events and people seemingly going nuts.  Because the collective does not have the knowledge and consciousness of what is happening, they are at effect of these experiences and are labeling and calling them by old paradigm names.


In regard to the tiredness and sluggishness, I was given the following analogy:  Imagine that you have put on a space suit, or a deep sea diving suit, or even the lighter weight haz/mat suit.  You can move about and even have some dexterity with your hands.  But, your movements are hindered by the suit around you which impedes the freedom of your movement.  Everything you try to do takes extra energy and concentration to get accomplished.  So it now is with your body.  It is that “suit” that you have become aware of in a different manner.  For the first time, you are becoming aware of the truth of the fact that you are Spirit with a body, not a body with a Spirit.


I hope this will help some of you.  It certainly has helped those with whom I have worked.  At any rate, please know that it is shared with the greatest of love and joy at the progress that is being made at this time. 


Bursting with joy and love -- JOAN


Saturday, May 11, 2013


(While working with a friend who was having some physical issues this week, I received some information that I believe is important for all of us. If you will forgive me taking the liberty, I will just relay it in my common language vernacular rather than the somewhat "stiff" verbage of the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.)
The subject is the current importance of the consumption of water in our daily lives.
What was "told" to me is that the current equation of how much water a person should consume (body weight divided by 2 = no. of ounces a day) is to be considered a BARE MINIMUM. AND, I was also informed that the current popular phase of including tea, coffee and soda in that count is NOT correct. It MUST be pure water. It was highly recommended that the water consumption be increased by 50% with 100% being preferred. (Now, I know that is a lot of water and many are afraid of how often they will have to "go", but please read on.)
It was explained that the brain is working "overtime" right now, creating new synapsis (sp?) to deal with the higher frequencies and also is expanding the pineal chakra and creating a new chakra. If you are not already aware, you should know that water is THE fluid that runs the brain. It is literally the stuff which provides the conduit for the electrical circuit that makes the brain work.
It has long been known that if enough water is not ingested, the brain will take it out of the lungs (hence pneumonia) and then the other organs. The importance of water to the brain cannot be overstated.
Additionally, at this time, all the internal organs are being cleansed of "toxic waste" and water is necessary to keep this system flowing so that toxic junk doesn't get stuck in the organs.
The lack of water consumption is part of what is causing so many people to feel raggedly tired and have aching joints. It is also partially part of the reason that there has been such a rash of spring-time "flu-like" symptoms.
Personally, I have drunk a gallon a water a day for over 40 years, but am now endeavoring to increase that a bit. However, in the last 25 years I have not been able to get Don to see the importance of drinking water. Recently I decided to try infused water (see attached photo). I infuse the water with a selection of fruit and/or herbs. Miraculously the reluctant Donald has decided he "likes" that water and is now drinking some (but not enough) water. If the dislike of water has been your excuse for not drinking, you might try this method. What is important is that somehow, someway, you DRINK WATER!
Sent with great love and concern for your well being -- JOAN

Thursday, March 14, 2013



This is being written in response to what I have been witnessing in those with whom I work closely in the Avatar program, as well as others with whom I interact.  It seems that the Ego is having a big “waahh” right now, and it appears to be an appropriate time to address the issue.


Regardless of the context in which you hold the ego – a tool of the “dark”, a safety mechanism gone berserk,  the limited versus the unlimited – all mechanisms of the ego serve one purpose and one purpose only……to perpetuate the illusion of “separate”.  (We are not concerned with the context for this writing, only the construct of the mechanism.)  Every single thing the Ego champions, be it hate, fear, anger, pride, etc. is to foster the idea of “you” vs. “them”.  Unity is anathema to the Ego.  You must see yourself as apart from everything in order for the Ego to have meaning and purpose.


“Trust only me,” the Ego screams.  “I alone have your best interests at heart.  I alone care what happens to you.  No one else is looking out for your interests.”  What the Ego means is that it is looking out for itself.


As you proceed on the spiritual path, you come to a place where the Ego can “see the hand-writing on the wall”.  If you go any further, the Ego will lose its hold on you.  If you begin to see the union with all things that is the truth of who you are the Ego begins to scream and shout and do whatever it can to distract you.  This is what I mean by an “Ego wah”.  In short, it is having a temper tantrum.  Part of that temper tantrum will manifest as the Ego-part of you begins to “argue for its limitations”….”well, that’s just the way I am”,  “I can’t help it, it’s genetic,” “I was raised to believe that way”, etc.  In short, the Ego wants you to remain victim of all you have been rather than to proceed to all you can be and all that, in truth, you truly are.


When you find yourself in such a “wah” remember that everything in limited consciousness is an equation of prices and rewards (see previous writing).  So, ask yourself “If I give up this idea, action, belief, what would that mean for me?”  Undoubtedly you will run up again the fear that “I won’t know who I am”.  Sneakily the Ego will say, “See I told you so.” 


Consider this one of the steps of passage that is necessary to the spiritual sojourner.  Allow yourself to look at all that may be gained rather than what may be lost….and pursue your truth.  With amusement acknowledge the Ego’s “temper tantrum” and choose not to “play”.  And enjoy the rewards that will rush to meet you as you emerge on the other side.


And, remember, I am always here for you if you would like a helping hand.


With great love, JOAN

Thursday, January 17, 2013



Personal:  I call myself a Life “Guide” not “Coach” for a reason.  I see myself like a guide one might hire to take on a trek in Tibet or a safari in Africa.  Someone who knows the terrain and can help you have your journey at the optimum level.  That being said, I am always somewhat hesitant to write about subjects such as today’s topic as there is a fine line between “informing” and “planting a thought”.  However, I made a commitment 2 years ago in Don’s recovery room, and it is my intention to honor that commitment however personally uncomfortable it may sometimes be.

Cautionary:  If you have NOT had any of the experiences described below, PLEASE do NOT assign any meaning to it and do NOT use it as any self judgment.  You may have had some different experience or your experience may be yet to come.  I only offer the following in the sense that it what a guide would do.




Apparently there was a huge download of energy last weekend.  (You can research it for yourself, or, if you happen to be lucky enough to know friend Fran [a beautiful being who’s dedicated her life to spreading the information of the light] you can waylay her and she can fill you in.)


There have been many reports of responses to this energy surge.  Some have reported melancholy, deep depression, heart palpitations, horrendous headaches, light-headedness, vertigo and one reported what was called an “Incredible Hulk”-like rage.  Fran, Don and I all experienced violent vomiting.  Don had no fever but a lot of body aches.  I had intense fever and diarrhea as well.  Fortunately, this seems to last only about 16-20 hours, after which the body will need some time to adjust.


During my experience of this energy integration I had several experiences which I would like to share as they came in moments of great clarity. 


·         It was EXTREMELY clear that it was IMPERATIVE that one does not label the experience.  Please refrain from using words like “flu”, “sick”, “depressed” or any other 3rd dimensional labeling system.  For one thing, you don’t want to bring any ancillary symptoms from whatever you have named your experience.  Trust me, whatever you experience will be enough.  If you must talk about it just call it “movement in the body”.

·        I was astounded to see how incredibly invested the ego is in the drama of “being sick”/”being out of sorts”, and how very much it wanted to play the “poor pitiful me” card.  At one point I realized that staying ahead of the ego’s need for the drama was harder “work” than trying to keep water down.  (Now that’s sick J.)

·        Even though the body was going through its rigors I was not.  I realized it was important for me to maintain clarity about that difference.  Don and I did 2 things to help with this:  (1) we used humor as much as possible, i.e. “helluva’ way to lose weight”, and (2) we spoke words of gratitude and love as much as possible, i.e. “I’m so grateful we both didn’t go down at the same time and we are here to support each other”.

·        I was told during Don’s episode to view this as an “initiation” of sorts and to honor the event as a rite of passage.  I honestly believe that it is important to stay in an attitude of “I allow” and to be as present as possible.  Put aside worries about what isn’t getting done while you are in the throes of your experience so that you can become aligned with the process.

·        I found it appropriate to invoke the prayer “Ho-oponopono” on several occasions as part of integrating new energies is releasing old energies.

·        I had one of those experiences where a montage of images flashed before me for about 2 hours.  It is quite clear that the construct and context of our lives is changing rapidly and it would be wise to become as adaptable as possible.


After the 16-20 hours both of us experienced a sense of “not really being here” as if we were out of sync with things.  It took a couple of days for equilibrium to return.  Even now we are moving at “slow motion”. 


BTW, the person with the “Hulk”-like rage almost caused a car accident and as terrible as that may seem they “saw” in that instant what anger can do and have now made the conscious decision to remove it from their life.


Whatever your experience of the “new energies” may be, it behooves you to not label/limit it to any previous understanding.  All that is new and wonderful is eagerly awaiting access to you, your consciousness and your life.  Open the doors of your heart and life as wide as you can and let the light shine in.


With great love -- JOAN