Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A very dear friend just made his transition from physical to non-physical, which is the impetus for this writing.  I want to share with you something that has been going on for me for some time.  This may be a little lengthy, but please hang in there with me.


A little back ground – I have two friends…one female (let’s call her “Missy”) and one male (let’s call him “Mister”).  Each is ½ of a couple that are near and dear to Don and me.  I’ve known each for well over 2 decades and am quite familiar with not only their spiritual beliefs but their spiritual practices.  In fact, I have channeled for both on many occasions.


It is “Mister” who has just transitioned.  He was one of the kindest and most gentle souls I have ever met.  A dedicated metaphysical student, he read incessantly, listened to tapes, attended seminars, studied A Course In Miracles and meditated hours at a time.  More than that, he really altered his thinking and general outlook on life and he was a blessing to everyone he met.  He bravely and good-spiritedly battled Hodgkins for the last several years.  I know for a fact that he believed in the unseen, in the power of thought and in the Galactic Federation.  I also know for a fact his intention was firmly set and never wavered in his desire to be here for Disclosure and the New Awakening.  And yet, he is no longer with us in the physical.


“Missy” was raised a Christian Scientist and has always been an ardent metaphysical student.  She and her husband have created wellness centers and have served the health conscious community for years.  A few years ago “Missy” suffered an accident which has left her in unbelievable pain.  Misdiagnosed for a long time, the general consensus now seems to be she has some kind of brain injury.  She is in constant pain – it hurts to lie down, to sit, to stand, to open her eyes.  “Missy” has access to every kind of healer in the metaphysical community and she has utilized everyone she can.  She has used traditional medicine, Chinese medicine, Christian Science healers and even spent weeks in a Christian Science clinic.  She knows more about metaphysics than just about anybody I know and she is diligent in her application of her beliefs.  And yet, she still suffers in pain.


To say that I have spent literally thousands of hours meditating about, praying for and praying about these two friends would still be an understatement.  Although I am well aware that these are their journeys, those said journeys have at times caused me to truly question my beliefs and my faith.  I have asked for answers, lessons, guidance, words for comfort for them…..ANYTHING.  One of the reasons I have not written about this sooner is that I keep hoping that I will have some clarity all of a sudden.  That I will understand.  That I can help.  After all these years of contemplation and meditation on the subject, I still keep coming up with the same very unsatisfying answer…….which is…..


It must simply be a matter of Karma.  Nothing else, NOTHING ELSE makes any sense.  Tied to that is the lesson about judgment.  I am forever being told “you don’t have the perspective to judge”.  What I’ve come to know about that statement is this:  Unless you know EVERY thing that has EVER transpired in that soul’s journey, including the effects of ALL of its journey on every other soul, and unless you know EVERY thing that will EVER happen to that soul in its on-going, including the effects it will have on ALL other souls it will ever encounter, then you do not have the perspective from which to judge.  And, as it has been revealed to me, only God and Holy Spirit have that perspective.  Hence, “you just don’t know enough to have an opinion or judgment”. 


As “Mister” was coming into his final days, I also realized that it was quite possible that what I viewed as his “suffering” and the “unfairness” of the situation might well be the very last thing that he needed for soul ascension.  (I feel pretty safe in saying that I don’t think Mafu would have chosen to be a leper, Ramtha to spend 7 years in pain on a rock, or Jesus that whole cross bit if they could have had a conscious choice.)  What I had to settle for was that I do not at the present time have the perspective to “know” or understand why “bad things happen to good people”.  And I want you to know, it is a personal struggle to be “satisfied” with that.  My ego wants an answer to “why”.  My heart wants to give comfort.  My True Self wants to live in the knowledge that there is nothing “wrong”, and that one day I may have “eyes to see”.  Until that time, all I can do is offer my unbounded love to “Mister” and his dear wife and to “Missy” and her dear husband.


And, my love is given freely to all of you -- JOAN

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