Friday, December 21, 2012


Received in this morning's meditation 12-21-12.
The time has now come for a change in your meditation visualization. No longer envision the "Light" pouring down around you or coming into you through either your crown chakra or your heart chakra. Instead, envision the "Light" emanating FROM your heart chakra in all directions simultaneously. YOU are the source of the Light into manifestation through the vehicle of the Soul. Then live your life in the full knowledge that it is YOU that brings the Light into the world, so you must keep your heart open and let this great Light shine upon all of Creation.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Note:  “Received” this morning – indeed, most of the morning.




In light of the events that have happened over this past weekend, I have received several calls from people trying to make sense of what has happened.  I do not think that will be possible, because to “make sense” means to put “reason” to it and attempt to place everything into a box of 3 dimensional understanding.


As always, I am reminded, “YOU DO NOT KNOW”.  As I have shared with you before, only one who has the perspective of knowing all that has ever been and ever shall be for all the souls involved will have the “right” for any kind of discussion about events.  And, as I have shared before, from my limited point of view, that perspective is held only by Spirit, by whatever name you call it.


I am also reminded that we “do not know” what the spiritual contracts amongst these individuals and between themselves and Spirit are.  And, it is not ours to know.


But I do know a few things…..


·        In as much as possible, please refrain from ANY judgment on any aspect of this occurrence.  And above all else, please do not engage in “righteous indignation” of any sort on any topic.

·        At every turn, keep your heart as wide open as you can – for ALL involved in any way…..and we do mean all, media, families, country, etc.

·        In response to questions of “How is this still in my reality” I would say to look within yourself for every act of violence.  Let yourself become aware of even the smallest amount of rage, revenge, or hostility against anything and anyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF.  Look at your words, “I’d like to strangle him”, “I could have just killed the jerk”, “I’d like to give her a piece of my mind”.  As long as there is violence within yourself, there will be violence in your “reality” to reflect such back to you.

·        Allow yourself an honest introspection about what part of you has abdicated responsibility to others, including any “hope/belief” that someone/something outside yourself (say, the Galactic Federation, angels, guides, etc.) will “do the work for you” so that you can simply just arrive one day as an enlightened being.  Hint:  Every time you abdicate responsibility you abdicate power, thereby lessening the wholeness of who you are, ergo, the wholeness that is The Human Being.

·        In response to questions about how could this happen after 12-12-12.  Remember all of creation has a frequency assigned to it.  Just as there would be no penthouse without a basement, there can be no 5th Dimension without a 3rd Dimension.  The opportunity before us is to be intentional as to where we put our focus and at what “address” do we choose to live.  If you want to truly live “up town”, then you must release your “ghetto apartment”.  One simply cannot be in a higher dimension and retain all of the “cherished stuff” from the lower dimension.  Even science says that no two things can occupy the same space.


Now is NOT the time to try to change anybody’s views about anything.  If you find yourself in the presence of others who are outraged at this “tragedy” let yourself see that person’s own inner pain and torment.  If you are required to “say” anything simply say, “Yes, it is beyond comprehension.  All we can do is pray for strength and compassion.”  AND THEN MOVE ON.


Realize that everything that is happening now and will happen is an opportunity for us to “choose again” and to exercise the power of free will given us by our creator to create Peace.  And, in the words of that old prayer/song, “Let Peace Begin With Me.”

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Note:  Please SERIOUSLY contemplate the following:


“I am one with all things.  I am one with the earth.  I am one with the sea.  I am one with the sky.  I am one with the birds.  I am one with the trees.  I am one with the animals.  I am one with my fellow man.  I am one with my house.  I am one with my car.  I am one with all things.” …………………………………..




When you have found the wisdom inherent within this, then ask, “What is the significance of this wisdom?”  And please remember, I am always here and available.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It would appear that the modern day version of “Bah Humbug” is “I hate the commercialization of Christmas” or “They’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas”. Whenever someone starts their diatribe with these or similar phrases, I just smile. Most of the time they think that smile indicates that I am in agreement with them. Mostly, but with a bit of a twist.
Let me explain. This is what I “know” about “Christmas”.
When the founders of the newly organized Christian Church began to spread its gospel throughout Europe, it discovered many different “religions”….Nordic gods, Celts, Druids, etc. Although the religious practices were different the Church was quick to realize there was one major reoccurring theme throughout Europe. All nations seemed to have some sort of celebration around the Winter and Summer Solstice and the Autumnal and Spring Equinox.
One of the strongest of these celebrations centered around the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice occurred at the end of the hunting/gathering/harvest season. It was a time when people were preparing for the long winter months. They would take “inventory” of the fruits of their work and decide just how much they would need and what was an excess…and that excess would be given to others in exchange for their excess. For example, if one had an excess of meat it would be given to one who had little meat. If one had an excess of nuts or berries, it would be given to those who had little, etc. etc. Because the well-being of the tribe depended upon every individual’s well-being the excess was not bartered, but was given freely. Trusting that whoever had an excess would share and realizing that if there were no excess it was still a good thing to share your own excess so that the tribe would be stronger. This exchange of “excess” was usually accompanied by a great feast and some sort of celebration, after which the tribe would wish each other well and good health and retreat to their cave/hut/home for winter, sometimes not being seen again until the Spring.
Try as they may, the founders of the Church could not dissuade people from these celebrations. So, the church leaders decided to “highjack” the tradition in a case of “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”. It was decided to move the celebration of Jesus’ birth from Spring (when he was really born) to around the Winter Solstice, and it was decided to superimpose the giving of the “excess”gifts to the story of the gifts of the Magi. This way the Church no longer had to fight the celebrations of the indigenous people but merely attempted to change its purpose and meaning and make it a “holy day” and to have a Christ Mass.
So, am I suggesting that you no longer celebrate the Season with whatever spiritual/religious meaning it has for you? Absolutely not! In fact, just the opposite.
During the many years of my intense study of comparative religions one of the things that struck me was how many of the major and minor religions have holidays around the time of the Solstice. I have also been struck with the energies of that Season and how it seems to be the one time when there is an actual opening of the heart and a genuine wish for good will. In essence, the heart chakra of the world opens up during this time and the ability to connect with others is intensified. It has been my personal tradition to engage in meditations of peace and love and send these energies to all beings on the Earth and to the Earth itself. In other words, I have “high-jacked” the Season’s Greetings for my own spiritual purpose.
So have a very, very, very, very Happy Holiday Season by whatever name you may call it. And perhaps, when you hear others complain that the true meaning of the Season has been lost, you too may have a silly little smile upon your face.
Great Love to All - JOAN

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Since I sent out The Rule of Halves, I have received many inquiries along the lines of “I don’t do anything bad, I am really good.  How come I still have cancer/can’t shake this illness/am not enlightened/haven’t reversed aging yet? Etc. etc.”  Well, truthfully, I just don’t know and NEITHER DO YOU!!!!


I have two friends who are dedicated metaphysicians who still are experiencing some ridiculous physical challenges.  I have asked about this and prayed about this.  This is what I do know……You just don’t know.  What I have been told is this…….”You do not have the perception to make any judgment.  Unless you have the ability to see all that has ever been experienced by this soul in all its journeys, incarnate and in other dimensions, in the aspect you call “before”, and can see all the results of any and all decisions upon this soul and all it encounters as a result of that decision in the aspect you call the “future”, then you simply do not have the perspective with which to make any “judgment” call.”  As I have contemplated this, it seems to me that only Spirit/God/the Cosmos has such a perception.  One thing is certain….I do not.


One simply cannot know what is needed by any soul for its journey and its completion.  I feel pretty certain that many of those that we know who have ascended weren’t particularly pleased with the circumstances that proceeded that ascension.  I do believe that even Jesus asked that “this cup pass from me”.  I’m pretty sure Mafu wasn’t too keen on being a leper in Pompeii nor was Ramtha too thrilled about sitting on a rock for 7 years recovering my near fatal wounds.  The point being, if one KNEW that whatever “distress” they were undergoing would be the last little bit that was needed to become enlightened, I’m sure they would say (perhaps reluctantly) “okay, go ahead”.


Now… are a few things that I put forth for contemplation.


**  Why  on earth are you using your situation to “judge” your spiritual progress?  In fact, why are you judging your progress at all?

            This morning while I was in my “receiving chamber”…aka the shower….I received the following:

            Competitive comparison belongs in the domain of the ego only.  It is not found anywhere else in the realm of God.  One does not walk into a forest and see a copse of trees and find them whispering, “Look at that shabby stand of trees, they will never amount to anything”.  One does not hear the bumblebee cry, “Why, oh why, can’t I be like the African Grey Parrot and communicate with humans” and then hear the Parrot, as he angrily plucks out his feathers, moan, “So I can communicate with humans, big deal.  I have no manual dexterity.  Why, oh why, can’t I be like the ape?”  And one doesn’t find the cherubim and seraphim huddled in the corners of heaven, whispering and plotting, “if we combine forces and manage a sneak attack we can knock that high and mighty Archangel off his throne.”

            After I finished laughing, I “got it”.  Only the ego judges itself.  The rest of the realm of God simply is what it is. 

            So, you ask, “Does this mean I can just sit back and coast.”  No, no, mon cher!  But, all one has to do is diligently apply the Fourth Agreement….ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.  (Realizing, of course, one’s best one day will not look like one’s best on any other day.)  By virtue of the laws of creation that single act MUST compel you forward toward more, because that IS the essence of creation.


**  Since you cannot judge another, you most assuredly cannot judge yourself.  When I was studying with Maharishi and he was teaching us about the states of Consciousness there became a rash of students running around asking, “What state of Consciousness are you at?  I’m at the 4th state.”  However, if you asked Maharishi what state of Consciousness he was in he would reply, “I’m in the waking state right now.  Later tonight I’ll be in the sleeping state.”  In other words, if you thing you are at a certain level, YOU ARE NOT.  It has been my experience that if one “asks” and “questions”, then one “isn’t”.  When you are what you are, when you forget to “check and see how you are doing”, then and only then have you arrived.


**  By judging “where you are in the process” you are inadvertently judging everyone else.  Please remember, everyone’s journey is a contract between that soul and God, and it quite literally is none of your business.  Your predominating thought about any other being should be that they live their highest and best at all times and that you wish for them all the beauty of life.  Also, please remember, that every movement by ANY member of “The Human Being” is of benefit to you as it raises the collective consciousness, ergo, it would behoove one to become a monumental “cheerleader” for each and every being on the planet.


** There is no “finish line”.  Whenever you reach whatever goal you think you have set, the Creator will have moved the “finish line” by the very fact that creation is a constant on-going thing.  So relax, breathe and look for the riches of each and every moment.


Sent with the love that fills me -- JOAN

Friday, November 30, 2012


The energies associated with the raising of the vibrational frequencies of the Planet Earth and all Beings upon it will be intensifying for the next few months, maybe years. Most of you are already aware of this fact. Most of you are also already aware that there are what has come to be known as "ascension symptoms" associated with the changes within the body. We do not want to deal with those symptoms at this time. This material is covered quite well in many other areas. What we want to do at this time is to urge you to begin to realize that it is necessary for you to not only remain alive but to remain "well" for some time in order to take advantage of the Earth's Ascension process and all that that entails for the Beings who are incarnate at this time.
Many of you have spent so much time trying to understand that "I am not my body" that the body has been neglected almost to the point of being deemed insignificant. HOWEVER, we would say to you that without a body for Spirit to inhabit the process of Christing the Soul cannot take place, ergo, the body should become a very prized and valuable asset to you.
It becomes imperative at this point to begin to treat you body in a way that will make it more harmonious with the higher frequencies that will become the "norm" very quickly on the planet. Failure to do so may result in the need to release the body, or, at the very least, a great deal of discomfort -- both mental and physical. It would be easy to say to you eat only higher vibration foodstuff and participate in only higher vibration activities, but that is not realistic. Although most of you have made some attempt in this area, the majority of you have only done so half-heartedly clinging to your precious addictions. To ask you to give these up "cold turkey" would be ludicrous as you simply would not do so. So, we are asking you to utilize The Rule of Halves.
In the area of food, we would ask you to begin in the categories of meat (yes, even fish), simple carbohydrates, alcohol, and processed foods. Most of you already know what you need to know in this area. (If you do not have this information or feel insufficiently knowledgeable about this topic, you may contact Joan and she will assist you.) You are also aware of your tendency to indulge or be extravagant in your "exceptions" and know very well where improvement needs to take place. When you invoke The Rule of Halves you will simply do this --- whatever you are consuming that, in fact, is not supporting the raising of the body's vibration, simple consume half of your normal portion. This should help to keep you from feeling totally deprived and having you rebound to not-so-supportive behaviour. Continue consuming your half portion until such time that you know longer "look" for the "other half". When one day you become aware that you haven't missed "the other half" it will be time to then half the portion now being consumed. Obviously this will eventually result in non-consumption of the item altogether. This gradual "weening" will be under your control, but we must urge you to embrace the importance of this and be deligent and dedicated to this process. This will help lessen or altogether alleviate those "ascension symptons" that are so bothersome to you.
In the area of activities that are not supportive of higher consciousness (you know what they are), again invoke The Rule of Halves and participate in those activities for half the length of time in which you are normally engaged. Again, when you no longer wish for "the other half" of the time, cut it in half again.
Conversely, in the area of body movement, The Rule of Halves will be used in reverse. Most of you are not all that active, or your activity does not include practices of balance and strength. Invoke The Rule of Halves and ADD half of the time you are currently engaged in physical movement. When that no longer seems to be a strain, add an additional half. Do so until you have a cumulative of 1 hr per day. This does not have to be a continuous hour, it may be broken into as many as 4 parts, but do so utilizing structure and not just because you are "lazy".
Also, in the area of meditation, The Rule of Halves calls for your to ADD half of the time you currently meditate until you reach 40 minutes a day. This time may be broken into 2 parts.
We can hear your egos say "I don't have time for all of this". Well, beloved ones, we would say to you that you don't have any time at all anyway as your days and nights are already running together. As always it is your choice to live your life as you design it to be, but it would be a wise entity to do whatever it could to facilitate the process that is about to occur whether you choose to believe it or not. By doing so, it will just make the process easier for you and, therefore, more fun.
Presented to you with the loving support of All That Is as has been promised to you throughout the ages.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Of course I knew that last night was a full moon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse. Although I don't understand everything there is to know about the planets' alignments, I was made aware of them. I fully expected some "movement in the Force"....but...holy moley!!!!! For me it was the spiritual/mental equivalent of opening the doors the morning of Black Friday. Talk about a flood gate!!! The energies came rolling in like a tsunami!
It started last night when we went to bed around midnight. For the last several years, when it is very quiet, I hear what sounds to me like someone has the TV on in another room. I have come to know that this is "cosmic bleed-through". It is very disturbing because I can almost make out the words and it draws my mind as it strains to "hear". Well, last night it was noticeably louder. I thought I could actually hear some of the words. (All good....nothing to be concerned about.)
Then this morning upon arising, I noticed my body was filled with such energy that I have only previously associated with the energies that I used to "channel". Hmmmm, that's interesting. And, the information came pouring in....on multiple layers!!! It is very much like a party/dinner where all the guests are talking over each other. Even when I tried to meditate the "chatter" never fully went away. (And the magnitude of love that came almost made me catatonic.) Even as I write this, the "chatter" has not gone away.
What I usually do when I get this inrush of info is just let it "come on down" and then allow it to be assimilated and then try to transcribe it. But I have never had so many "channesl" of info coming in at one time....this ought to be interesting.
One thing I can tell you for sure --- YOU HAD BETTER FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!! Oh boy, are we in for a ride.
The other thing is.....time is up! There simply are no more "time outs" allowed. So, to paraphrase an old prayer, it is IMPERATIVE that you are totally committed to watch "the words of [your] mouth and the meditations of [your] heart". To move toward your God-Self you must be willing to be absolutely accountable for all that you create and that accountability MUST begin with you coming to a state of conscious creation. This one single thing CAN NOT be stressed enough!
I will be sending you more as it becomes available to me. Woooo-Hoooo LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!
With love, light and all that other stuff -- JOAN

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am writing this in response to several inquiries as to why I haven’t been writing recently.   As one person said, “Joanie, you have some ‘splaining to do.”


Whenever there is a lull in my writing it happens for one of 3 reasons (in reverse order):

            3)  There is something in my personal life which has a high demand on my time.  (Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often.)

            2)  My ego is having a temper tantrum.  (Also doesn’t happen often.) And, most of the case is…

            1)  There is so much information “incoming” that I…

                        a) have to take some time to integrate the energies associated with it

                        b) have to take some time to figure out how best to articulate the information.


This current lull has been as a result of 1-b.  Let me explain.


For the last 30 plus years the information has been coming to me most often as one-lesson-at-a-time.  In the last few years this has begun to be increasingly not the case as I have been pushed to see the integrated nature of things. 


Because I realize that there is so much information out there, and there is a finite amount of time available to people, I have tried to keep my “lessons/writings” short and to the point, letting people be in their own process of integrating the information and being available to those who have questions or want assistance.


When the lessons were coming one at a time the information could be easily disseminated…even the casual information could easily be presented as an “if this then that” scenario.  As the messages became more and more integrated with the greater movement into the Oneness of All Things, “taking apart” the information for a simple lesson/writing became more complex.  Succinctly, “if this then that” showed that the “that” of the first lesson became the “this” of the following lesson.  In other words, nothing stands alone. 


Hence, every time I thought about writing something I couldn’t separate out the “parts” for the purpose of a short discourse.  And, quite frankly, since I see everything as mechanisms of energy and that is so clear in my mind, I find the process of putting things into “language” to be very limiting and somewhat frustrating.


So, I have finally come to a place where I realize the “hit and run” methodology of one lesson at a time has served its course.  I have something that I will be writing about within the next few days and you will notice that these new writings will take on a 2-3 topic format as I attempt to at least disburse the information in “chunks”.  Hopefully, this will work for the next little bit and keep the information flowing.


Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



I recently saw a posting on Facebook of someone whom I admire admitting to losing the trust of a friend because he did not have all the facts.  First, kudos to him for taking accountability.  Secondly, it reminded me of just how insidious “assumption” can be.


Of course “Make No Assumptions” is the Third Agreement.  More importantly, as I tell my clients, “assumption is the mother of all screw-ups” – to paraphrase the old adage. 


One falls “victim” to assumption because at some level there is fear that what you “think you know” may actually be true and it is difficult for most to stand in the face of that and take accountability.  So, how does one escape the stranglehold of assumption?  Simple – communication.  And by communication, I mean CLEAR, CONSICE, EXACTING communication.


It is important that each party know EXACTLY what the other is thinking and trying to communicate.  For example, if one uses the word “confidential”, it is important to know what your definition of confidential is….do you mean just between the two of us, only your immediate circle, you might tell my friends but not my enemies or only that you won’t post it on social media.  If you tell me you’ll “have it to you by Tuesday”, does that mean you will be handing me a finished project on Tuesday or will I be getting a rough outline of what I might expect in the future.


The example I most often use is that of a ball game.  Suppose I call you up and invite you to play ball Saturday at 3pm at the Oak Street Park.  I have you repeat to me...Saturday...3pm…Oak Street Park...ball game... to be sure you understand what I am trying to communicate.  So it is Saturday at 3pm and I’m at Oak Street Park and you arrive suited up to play football.  However, I am suited up to play baseball.  I had “assumed” you know I meant baseball since that was my favorite sport.  You had “assumed” I had meant football since it was football season.


It is important to realize that even if you “think” you know all the facts, those “facts” as filtered by your preconceived prejudices and belief systems and may have nothing to do with the prejudices and beliefs of another, ergo one may be talking apples and the other oranges.


Language is simply a methodology of trying to communicate thoughts and mental pictures from one human to another.  Without the willingness to be responsible for both the sending and receiving of those thoughts and images miscommunication and assumption is the inevitable outcome.  And then we become prey to the most egregious of all relationship breakdowns….holding another responsible for an agreement they did not make.  (To be addressed later.)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Watch a school of fish or a flock of birds.  Notice how, without any seeming outside influence, they will all turn at one time.  This is an example of the group mind.  It works on a level outside the field of communication as we know it.


When Spirit first began to play in human bodies, its individuated parts knew that it was part of the Whole.  Communication was not necessary as everything was shared telepathically.  All information and knowledge was available in the Now, everywhere present at all moments in the time-space continuum. 


It was only as the narcissistic ego became self-reverential that words and speech became necessary.  The ability to communicate telepathically was lost and a method of exchanging experiences and ideas was needed.  Words were developed as a way to harness an “energy” of experience or knowledge and exchange it with an-other. 


As the developing human ego became more self-absorbed and identified as an individualized separate entity, it also lost the ability to be all-knowing.  Without the ability to draw upon the Isness and “know”, it became necessary to develop a mechanism to retain certain knowledge.  Thus, the memory was created. 


Several of you have mentioned that you seem to be “losing your memory”.  The ego, of course, wants this to be a source of drama and concern.  What it also wants is for you not to acknowledge that you have spent years in spiritual pursuit with a goal of learning to live connected with Spirit in the Now.  If you have ever had even one moment of connectedness with Spirit, you will know that there is no need for “stored memory”.  Should a question be posed, the answer is instantaneously available.  (Of course, most often, there is no need for even a question.)


Next time you seem to have an experience of “losing your memory”, try getting quiet, become connected with Source and allow the information to flow to you from the Universe.  It is there…..waiting on you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


(Note:  This may be a bit rambling and disjointed as this is still quite new and I haven’t “organized” it as yet.  Please bear with me.)

In an intense experience in meditation I was presented with information that appeared as a dream.  It was not a dream, but was shown to me through the “eyes” of a dream.  In it I was participating in a reality/competition show where the Grand Prize was “Enlightenment”.  There were 3 scenarios or tests that I was shown.  I won’t bore you with the details of these scenarios, but do want to share with you the information/wisdom that was given at the end of each scenario.

Also, there were several criteria used in the “judging” (not the right word, but the only English equivalent available to me at this time).  That criteria included Integrity, Compassion and Connectedness to the Higher Self.

The first scenario surrounded Integrity.  Now, I thought I knew what word meant, but I was “shown” that it encompassed far more than I thought.  It wasn’t just “doing what is right” but it included true impeccability (absolutely no exceptions) and “walking the talk” at ALL times and in ALL situations – NO EXCEPTIONS.

The second scenario was Compassion – which was explained to me as co-passion.  It was “do unto others” kicked up a notch.  Instead of just treating others as you wanted to be treated, it was treating others as if they were you and you were them.  Also included in this was not being kinder to others than you are to yourself. (In other words, stop beating yourself up.)

The third scenario was Connectedness to Higher Self.  This was really included in all of the scenarios for the “test” was that on each and every occasion where a choice was to be made, a moment was spent “checking in” with the Higher Self and acting in concert with that wisdom with NO doubt and no questions asked.

These scenarios took a great deal of time and were filled with subtlety and were rich with meaning.  I would not be surprised if I glean more in the coming time, but I wanted to share this with you at this time because it was abundantly clear that this is now what is going on upon this planet.  The opportunity to step up and live in Integrity (in the depth of its meaning), Compassion (succinctly, Behaving As If the God in All Life Matters), and walking hand in hand with your Higher Self.  And the good news is…..the Grand Prize is Enlightenment!

Monday, August 20, 2012


One of the many “tricks” the Ego uses as the spiritual aspirant progresses along his journey is to “go along for the ride”.  This the Ego does by “pretending” that everything the Self is doing is okay and that the Ego approves.  Eventually, however, what sneaks up on the aspirant is the arrival of the Spiritual Ego.

The Spiritual Ego (Ego in disguise) takes on a mantle of false humbleness, false caring and kindness and develops all the mannerism it believes would “show” that it has an enlightened being.  The Spiritual Ego can become a “do-gooder”, not because it truly cares, but because it wants to be known for its deeds.  The Spiritual Ego often volunteers for all sorts of charities and events so it can be seen doing good things, often judging the very things it pretends to be helping.  The Spiritual Ego will help the less fortunate in a false pretense of kindness, all the while feeling “superior” to those in need.  The Spiritual Ego secretly keeps “score” of its advances and takes pride in all of its studies and wisdom.  It compares itself to others in a competitive way, seeing who is “more” and who is “less”, and it grades itself with a spiritual gradation, not unlike a Brown Belt or Black Belt in Martial Arts.  It is always asking of everyone, “Can’t you see how spiritual I am?” And, the Spiritual Ego indulges itself in false humility.  It pretends to be above material concerns, needing nothing, when, in fact, its needs are a hunger which has to be constantly fed.

Occasionally, the Spiritual Ego comes at the aspirant through the back door.  Instead of saying “Good job, you’re really developing spiritually” the Spiritual Ego will say “Who do you think you are?  What makes you think you have anything worth while to say?  What makes you so special?”  Although there is a tendency to think this is low self-esteem, it is quite often a very sneaky way of separating self from Self…the ultimate in denial of the Divine within.  After all, what could be more “special” than to be the worst of the worst.

The antidote to the Spiritual Ego is to take no credit or blame for anything.  For everything that comes into you life, simply say “Thank you, Holy Spirit” and know that all things work for the greater good (whether it seems so at the time or not) and that all that comes to and through you is by the Hand of God through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, you understand that you are an instrument of the Divine and your Ego nor your Spiritual Ego has anything to do with anything.

Go forth, become partners with Holy Spirit and see how very many places you can “take” God today.  And, do so in great Joy.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Question:  What does one do if one is stuck in the “nothingness” of apathy?
The Answer:  Nothing…………that’s right, nothing.

Well, first of all, pat yourself on the back.  True apathy is a road sign on the journey of the spiritual aspirant.  To reach a point of true apathy, one has done some serious spiritual work, examining one’s beliefs, deeds and general perspective on anything and everything.  Only when one approaches an understanding that it is the individual who assigns meaning and important to objects and events can the question be raised, “why bother?”…true apathy. 

When one reaches this point in the journey it is important, no, it is imperative that one be as truthful as is possible with self.  Therefore, do not “pretend” anything.  If you find yourself in the state of “nothingness” do not try to “act” your way into another state, and do not deny where you are.  Just explore every thought and feelings you have.

We will be discussing “mechanisms” of energy a bit later, but this it a perfect point of development to just watch and feel what is going on in your mind and in your bodies – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  As you attune yourself to letting yourself follow the energy you may be in for a surprise.  You might not be as apathetic as you think you are.  You may very well find pockets of abject anger, fear, frustration, love, attachment, vehement judgments, etc.  And, behind these emotional pockets will be deeply embedded belief systems and thought processes to which you are really, REALLY attached.  As the energy moves around and hits these pockets, you may begin to feel like a spiritual pinball game. 

Apathy is a trick behind which the Spiritual Ego hides.  By convincing you that you “don’t give a damn” the ego can hide just how ferociously it is holding onto limited thought patterns and beliefs.  When such “ah-ha” moments happen, simply, quietly, allow yourself to look at what has been unearthed and as you examine what you find ask yourself, “Is this the truth?  Who says?  What if it is not the truth?  Who would I be if I didn’t believe this?” And then, quietly release the limited thought/belief that has kept you bound and separated from your true Self. 

During this time, focus on practicing the 4th Agreement – Always Do Your Best.  Apply yourself to each endeavor as best you can, realizing that some days are better than others.  Be as present in the Now as you can; again, some days are better than others.  Refrain from having whatever you are doing “mean” ANYTHING – about you, who or what you are, or about life in general.  By all means, do not assign values of good or bad or best or worst to anything.  Just BE with what you are doing.

Slowly, but surely, you will begin to feel the energies of the Universe move in and through you.  Your so-called apathy will have disappeared when you were not looking and you will find that Joy is the natural state intended for human Beings on the journey back to Source.   

Monday, July 9, 2012


Those engaged in the Avatar program have been working for a few weeks with the concept of “Behaving as if the God in all life matters”*.  In conjunction with this work the following was suggested:
            Think about how you greet someone you know when you see them    unexpectedly on the street – “Hey, Joe, how are you doing?”  Now, take           that a step further.  EVERY time you see ANYONE, anywhere, silently say,          “Hey, God, how are you doing?” 

What was shown to me is that whenever you speak to anyone in any manner, you open up an “energy avenue” between the two of you.  Depending on the emotion and the context of that interaction, that avenue will carry positive or negative energy.  By speaking to the “God within” another, it opens a “God avenue”, if you will, which allows the God energy to flow.

It was explained to me that the more that God energy is activated the more easily the collective consciousness can raise its frequency, and it helps to dispel energies based in fear and accentuates energies based in love.

It was further explained to me that THE most important thing a thinking/conscious person could do would be to be about removing ANY and ALL energies/thoughts/actions based in ANY kind of fear.  I was told it would be more beneficial to mankind than all of the charity programs currently on the planet.

Therefore, please let me encourage to greet everyone (silently, of course) with “Hey God” of “Hi, God”.  I have taken it one step further and borrowing from the beloved Navi, I say, “I see you.”

*Behaving As If The God In All Life Matters is the title of a book by Maechelle Small-Wright, and was a pre-requisite for residency at our Retreat Center.  The phrase has become a “watch word” for my life.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Habits – that nemesis of good intentions.  Just what are Habits anyway?  There is a school of thought that calls Habits “shortcuts for the brain”.  I call Habits “automatic pilot settings”.

True, some Habits are instinctual, such as breathing, but most Habits are something we develop along the maturation process.

How does a Habit come to be?  As one begins to learn something new, i.e. driving a car, a musical instrument, a sport, neuro-pathways are developed.  The longer one continues the same activity the more those neuro-pathways are travelled, until they become and old “familiar” routes for the brain – at which time they cease to command your full attention and subside into the recesses of the brain.  Think about learning to drive, for example.  At first there are SO many things to remember….check the mirrors, turn this on, turn that off, look over your shoulder, look left/right, put the car in gear, press the accelerator, etc. etc.  After a bit of driving all of that becomes “second nature”, and one just gets in the car and starts driving…often times multi-tasking along the way.

Often a Habit will begin for a legitimate reason but will continue long after the reason has ceased to be. 

The oldest school of thought spoke about “breaking habits”.  Newer forms of thought realize that a Habit cannot, in fact, be “broken” but must be replaced by a “newer” Habit.  So how is this done?  Simple… you just “do it”.

Once a Habit has been identified as something that is no longer valid or valued in your life, decide what it is that you do want to have in its place.  Then, realizing it will take some “conscious thought” a first, just begin doing what it is you “do” want and give not another bit of thought or energy to what you “do not” want.  As simplistic as this sounds, this is truly the only way to reprogram those automatic synapses of your brain.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For your mind

As you know, part of the Avatar program is to have a list of "Happy Songs" for your mind to keep playing over and over in order to keep your vibrational frequency at its highest level -- the ultimate iPod if you will.  However, every now and then it has been my experience that one just needs a "lift".  Below is my all time favorite for that exact purpose.  Of course when I "sing" the words the song is sung from my Higher Self to my Limited Self.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Go to a mirror – preferably a full length mirror.  Stand before it and look at yourself.  Study yourself.

Notice the placement of the hands, the head, the feet.  It would appear that the feet are “lower” than the hands.  However, as you contemplate their purpose you begin to understand they are exactly where they need to be.  How useless would be the feet if they were on top of your head, although they then would be “above” your hands.

Now, sit down.  Stand up and turn around and look at your buttocks.  Isn’t it wonderful that they are placed where they are instead of, say, on your chest.  Imagine the contortions necessary to sit down if your buttocks were on your chest. 

As you look upon your body allow the understanding to come that each and every aspect of your body is exactly where it needs to be for its function and purpose.  And you rejoice that this is so.  And, it is the composite of such perfectly placed individual aspects that make your body whole.  And so you think of yourself as a whole body.

So it is with the body of humanity.  Each and every aspect is exactly where it needs to be and its compilation is the “whole” of humanity. 

As you gaze upon that which you have previously considered to be an “other”, realize that it is but part of your Self, the wholeness that is One.  Allow your self to rejoice that each seemingly individual aspect is fulfilling its purpose and function and rejoice that it is so.

Now, return to your mirror.

Notice the height of your head in relationship to some other object in the mirror.  If you want to “raise” the height of your head, step upon something, a stool perhaps.  Notice that as your “raise” your head you also “raise” the height of your knees.  It is impossible for you to raise your head and keep the knees at their previous level.  The whole being is raised, regardless of whether your intention is to raise the head or to raise the waist.  So, too, is it with the body of humanity.  When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the whole.  It must be so.

This, then, is your function and purpose in the body of humanity. consciously raise your vibration.  This is your only function and purpose. 

Rejoice that it is so.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finishing Addendum

My Bad!  I forgot to include.....
When I was "receiving" the "Finishing" info I was given a picture of a cartoon character standing on a mountain top.  Surrounding him were pictures depicting the events of his life.  The character opened his arms and one by one the pictures began "flying" into him.  As each picture meshed with him his light became brighter & brighter.  When all the pictures were gone, the "form" of the character was no longer distinguishable....instead there was just a brilliant, glowing light.


We will be discussing “Finishing”.  What is important here is the vibrational rate upon transition – either the leaving of the body or soul ascension.  In truth, “Finishing” can refer to any moment of the time/space continuum where one embraces the eternal Now.

At the time of “Finishing” it is imperative that one releases all residue of guilt and blame and stands in the perfection of all that is.  If one is making a transition this will be of great importance, as the vibrational frequency at that moment serves as a “final test” on the report card of life.  Even if one has led a despicable life, if the Finishing frequency is aligned with the Universe, THAT will be the frequency which decides the future evolution of the soul.

“Finishing” is different from being “Complete”.  “Complete” is a resigned acceptance of what has been, and activates Karma.  “Finishing” is an active embrace of what has been and negates Karma.

So, how does one get to that understanding?

A Course In Miracles refers to the Holy Instant.  Other modalities speak of the Present or the Now.  By whatever name it is known, there is, in Truth, only this very moment.  At this moment there never has been nor shall there ever be any other moment, for in the timelessness of eternity there is only NOW.  To be in purity one comes to understand that all that has been perceived as “yesterday” – be it in this lifetime or previous ones – has been the perfection of what makes up the components of this Holy Now.  Without all that has seemingly occurred this Now would not exist.  Therefore, a great swelling of unconditional love occurs wherein all that one has experienced is embraced.  Here, even forgiveness is not necessary because all elements of judgment are dropped.  And, if there is no judgment there is nothing to forgive.  It is as if one suddenly releases all of the “baggage” of what “was” to live in the Glory of what “Is”.  Herein is the peace, freedom and love that is God.

One does not have to “wait” for this moment.  One creates it – NOW.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


You have asked about the difference between joy and happiness.  It is a matter of collective conscious usage.

As it is now upon your plane, “happy” carries a connotation that requires an “about something” attached to it.  You are “happy” because of something, or you are “unhappy” because of something.  In other words, “happy” implies outside stimulus and is a “result” of something.  It is experienced from the outside in. It also implies a fulcrum point of vibration that would indicate you could be “knocked off” your point of happiness.

Joy, on the other hand, is simply a state of being.  Observe, that you do not say, “I am in joy about….”  Or “I am out of joy about….”.  Joy just is.  If you are “joyous” you take that emotion into every experience you have.  In other words, it expresses from the inside out.

Choose to be joyous in each and every moment regardless of the activity around you – then watch the activity change to match your vibration of joy.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Conscious transformation cannot take place unless and until one embraces three basic concepts:

1)    I choose consciously or unconsciously at every moment.
2)    Choice releases and directs the energy of manifestation.
3)    I am accountable for all my choices, conscious or unconscious.

When these 3 principles are totally embraced conscious transformation can take place and ANYTHING is possible.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Of all the Universal Laws, Allowance is the one that should be your focus at this time – for it is the means by which you access all the others.   For example, the Law of Attraction works with or without your participation as does the Law of Balance, etc.  But it is the choices you make within the Law of Allowance that determines your level of participation in all areas of your physical experience in this time/space continuum.

When the Law of Allowance is fully embraced, you realize that everything is according to the perfection that is Divine.  All things express within the confines of Karma, Divine Intent, Balance and Harmony.  This, of course, includes you.  And, if you expect that allowance applies to you, then you must assuredly acknowledge that it applies to all “other” as well.

“But,” says your ego, “there are wrongs that need to be made right.”  “He/she needs to be held accountable.”  “Justice needs to be served.”  “That sucker needs his come-uppance.”  Etc., etc.

Maybe so.  But, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB!  If there is indeed balance, justice, accountability at issue, it belongs to the Office of the Director of Karma.  NOT YOUR JOB.  If it is enlightenment or education that is needed, it belongs to the Office of the Christ.  NOT YOUR JOB.

YOUR JOB is to allow all things to BE, realizing that all things express as a function of vibration.  And every-one and every-thing is exactly where it is supposed to be and expressing exactly how it is meant to be according to the chosen vibration of expression.  If it is appears to be something that you do not wish to experience, be very intentional in choosing the vibration that you DO want to experience.  Simply do not “visit” the other vibration.  (If you don’t want to visit Spain, don’t go there.)

When you are irritated, aggravated, insulted or feel “righteous indignation” by ANYTHING or ANYONE realize that the what you are feeling is resistance to what is and ANY thought other than “it is what is it is” is NOT YOUR JOB.

This should relieve you of a heavy burden – that of “solving” all the so-called ills of the world – and should leave you free to live in joy.

Go forth and be joyous.  DO YOUR JOB!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


An Energy Update June 19, 2012

As most of you have felt, the energy from Thursday, June14th, through Monday, June 18th was extremely dense, leading many people to feel lethargic and unmotivated.  That energy seems to have begun to dissipate as of Monday evening at 10:00 p.m. EDT.

On Friday I asked to see what was going on.  I was shown what would appear to be 6 glass chess boards stacked about 4” apart and above each other.  Each chess board was filled with chess pieces.  As I “watched”, one piece on one level would move, then, all the pieces on all the other levels would adjust accordingly.  This happened over and over again.  Although I could see a “ripple” in the energy surrounding this 6-level board begin to shimmer, I was not able to ascertain what prompted the individual piece to begin the movement process.

I asked about what I had seen and it was explained that this was a representation of what is happening in the Universe at this time.  As it was explained to me, certain “arrangements and expectations” were not met in a timely fashion, putting various “plans” out of synch and there was a concerted effort on behalf of the forces of the Universe to make the necessary adjustments to bring everything into the alignment needed to proceed to the next level of development. It was also explained that to comment on any particular “movement” would be futile as it would be changed shortly.

Today, Tuesday, June 19, 2012, I feel that movement has begun to settle down and things are moving on a more “scheduled” pace at this time.  What that pace is and exactly what that means, I do not presume to know.  I do know that all is right in the Universe, and that both Don and I have awakened with a heightened level of joy, energy and peace.