Friday, November 30, 2012


The energies associated with the raising of the vibrational frequencies of the Planet Earth and all Beings upon it will be intensifying for the next few months, maybe years. Most of you are already aware of this fact. Most of you are also already aware that there are what has come to be known as "ascension symptoms" associated with the changes within the body. We do not want to deal with those symptoms at this time. This material is covered quite well in many other areas. What we want to do at this time is to urge you to begin to realize that it is necessary for you to not only remain alive but to remain "well" for some time in order to take advantage of the Earth's Ascension process and all that that entails for the Beings who are incarnate at this time.
Many of you have spent so much time trying to understand that "I am not my body" that the body has been neglected almost to the point of being deemed insignificant. HOWEVER, we would say to you that without a body for Spirit to inhabit the process of Christing the Soul cannot take place, ergo, the body should become a very prized and valuable asset to you.
It becomes imperative at this point to begin to treat you body in a way that will make it more harmonious with the higher frequencies that will become the "norm" very quickly on the planet. Failure to do so may result in the need to release the body, or, at the very least, a great deal of discomfort -- both mental and physical. It would be easy to say to you eat only higher vibration foodstuff and participate in only higher vibration activities, but that is not realistic. Although most of you have made some attempt in this area, the majority of you have only done so half-heartedly clinging to your precious addictions. To ask you to give these up "cold turkey" would be ludicrous as you simply would not do so. So, we are asking you to utilize The Rule of Halves.
In the area of food, we would ask you to begin in the categories of meat (yes, even fish), simple carbohydrates, alcohol, and processed foods. Most of you already know what you need to know in this area. (If you do not have this information or feel insufficiently knowledgeable about this topic, you may contact Joan and she will assist you.) You are also aware of your tendency to indulge or be extravagant in your "exceptions" and know very well where improvement needs to take place. When you invoke The Rule of Halves you will simply do this --- whatever you are consuming that, in fact, is not supporting the raising of the body's vibration, simple consume half of your normal portion. This should help to keep you from feeling totally deprived and having you rebound to not-so-supportive behaviour. Continue consuming your half portion until such time that you know longer "look" for the "other half". When one day you become aware that you haven't missed "the other half" it will be time to then half the portion now being consumed. Obviously this will eventually result in non-consumption of the item altogether. This gradual "weening" will be under your control, but we must urge you to embrace the importance of this and be deligent and dedicated to this process. This will help lessen or altogether alleviate those "ascension symptons" that are so bothersome to you.
In the area of activities that are not supportive of higher consciousness (you know what they are), again invoke The Rule of Halves and participate in those activities for half the length of time in which you are normally engaged. Again, when you no longer wish for "the other half" of the time, cut it in half again.
Conversely, in the area of body movement, The Rule of Halves will be used in reverse. Most of you are not all that active, or your activity does not include practices of balance and strength. Invoke The Rule of Halves and ADD half of the time you are currently engaged in physical movement. When that no longer seems to be a strain, add an additional half. Do so until you have a cumulative of 1 hr per day. This does not have to be a continuous hour, it may be broken into as many as 4 parts, but do so utilizing structure and not just because you are "lazy".
Also, in the area of meditation, The Rule of Halves calls for your to ADD half of the time you currently meditate until you reach 40 minutes a day. This time may be broken into 2 parts.
We can hear your egos say "I don't have time for all of this". Well, beloved ones, we would say to you that you don't have any time at all anyway as your days and nights are already running together. As always it is your choice to live your life as you design it to be, but it would be a wise entity to do whatever it could to facilitate the process that is about to occur whether you choose to believe it or not. By doing so, it will just make the process easier for you and, therefore, more fun.
Presented to you with the loving support of All That Is as has been promised to you throughout the ages.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Of course I knew that last night was a full moon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse. Although I don't understand everything there is to know about the planets' alignments, I was made aware of them. I fully expected some "movement in the Force"....but...holy moley!!!!! For me it was the spiritual/mental equivalent of opening the doors the morning of Black Friday. Talk about a flood gate!!! The energies came rolling in like a tsunami!
It started last night when we went to bed around midnight. For the last several years, when it is very quiet, I hear what sounds to me like someone has the TV on in another room. I have come to know that this is "cosmic bleed-through". It is very disturbing because I can almost make out the words and it draws my mind as it strains to "hear". Well, last night it was noticeably louder. I thought I could actually hear some of the words. (All good....nothing to be concerned about.)
Then this morning upon arising, I noticed my body was filled with such energy that I have only previously associated with the energies that I used to "channel". Hmmmm, that's interesting. And, the information came pouring in....on multiple layers!!! It is very much like a party/dinner where all the guests are talking over each other. Even when I tried to meditate the "chatter" never fully went away. (And the magnitude of love that came almost made me catatonic.) Even as I write this, the "chatter" has not gone away.
What I usually do when I get this inrush of info is just let it "come on down" and then allow it to be assimilated and then try to transcribe it. But I have never had so many "channesl" of info coming in at one time....this ought to be interesting.
One thing I can tell you for sure --- YOU HAD BETTER FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!! Oh boy, are we in for a ride.
The other thing is.....time is up! There simply are no more "time outs" allowed. So, to paraphrase an old prayer, it is IMPERATIVE that you are totally committed to watch "the words of [your] mouth and the meditations of [your] heart". To move toward your God-Self you must be willing to be absolutely accountable for all that you create and that accountability MUST begin with you coming to a state of conscious creation. This one single thing CAN NOT be stressed enough!
I will be sending you more as it becomes available to me. Woooo-Hoooo LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!
With love, light and all that other stuff -- JOAN

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am writing this in response to several inquiries as to why I haven’t been writing recently.   As one person said, “Joanie, you have some ‘splaining to do.”


Whenever there is a lull in my writing it happens for one of 3 reasons (in reverse order):

            3)  There is something in my personal life which has a high demand on my time.  (Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often.)

            2)  My ego is having a temper tantrum.  (Also doesn’t happen often.) And, most of the case is…

            1)  There is so much information “incoming” that I…

                        a) have to take some time to integrate the energies associated with it

                        b) have to take some time to figure out how best to articulate the information.


This current lull has been as a result of 1-b.  Let me explain.


For the last 30 plus years the information has been coming to me most often as one-lesson-at-a-time.  In the last few years this has begun to be increasingly not the case as I have been pushed to see the integrated nature of things. 


Because I realize that there is so much information out there, and there is a finite amount of time available to people, I have tried to keep my “lessons/writings” short and to the point, letting people be in their own process of integrating the information and being available to those who have questions or want assistance.


When the lessons were coming one at a time the information could be easily disseminated…even the casual information could easily be presented as an “if this then that” scenario.  As the messages became more and more integrated with the greater movement into the Oneness of All Things, “taking apart” the information for a simple lesson/writing became more complex.  Succinctly, “if this then that” showed that the “that” of the first lesson became the “this” of the following lesson.  In other words, nothing stands alone. 


Hence, every time I thought about writing something I couldn’t separate out the “parts” for the purpose of a short discourse.  And, quite frankly, since I see everything as mechanisms of energy and that is so clear in my mind, I find the process of putting things into “language” to be very limiting and somewhat frustrating.


So, I have finally come to a place where I realize the “hit and run” methodology of one lesson at a time has served its course.  I have something that I will be writing about within the next few days and you will notice that these new writings will take on a 2-3 topic format as I attempt to at least disburse the information in “chunks”.  Hopefully, this will work for the next little bit and keep the information flowing.


Thanks for your patience.