Thursday, November 29, 2012


Of course I knew that last night was a full moon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse. Although I don't understand everything there is to know about the planets' alignments, I was made aware of them. I fully expected some "movement in the Force"....but...holy moley!!!!! For me it was the spiritual/mental equivalent of opening the doors the morning of Black Friday. Talk about a flood gate!!! The energies came rolling in like a tsunami!
It started last night when we went to bed around midnight. For the last several years, when it is very quiet, I hear what sounds to me like someone has the TV on in another room. I have come to know that this is "cosmic bleed-through". It is very disturbing because I can almost make out the words and it draws my mind as it strains to "hear". Well, last night it was noticeably louder. I thought I could actually hear some of the words. (All good....nothing to be concerned about.)
Then this morning upon arising, I noticed my body was filled with such energy that I have only previously associated with the energies that I used to "channel". Hmmmm, that's interesting. And, the information came pouring in....on multiple layers!!! It is very much like a party/dinner where all the guests are talking over each other. Even when I tried to meditate the "chatter" never fully went away. (And the magnitude of love that came almost made me catatonic.) Even as I write this, the "chatter" has not gone away.
What I usually do when I get this inrush of info is just let it "come on down" and then allow it to be assimilated and then try to transcribe it. But I have never had so many "channesl" of info coming in at one time....this ought to be interesting.
One thing I can tell you for sure --- YOU HAD BETTER FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!! Oh boy, are we in for a ride.
The other thing is.....time is up! There simply are no more "time outs" allowed. So, to paraphrase an old prayer, it is IMPERATIVE that you are totally committed to watch "the words of [your] mouth and the meditations of [your] heart". To move toward your God-Self you must be willing to be absolutely accountable for all that you create and that accountability MUST begin with you coming to a state of conscious creation. This one single thing CAN NOT be stressed enough!
I will be sending you more as it becomes available to me. Woooo-Hoooo LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!
With love, light and all that other stuff -- JOAN

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