Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am writing this in response to several inquiries as to why I haven’t been writing recently.   As one person said, “Joanie, you have some ‘splaining to do.”


Whenever there is a lull in my writing it happens for one of 3 reasons (in reverse order):

            3)  There is something in my personal life which has a high demand on my time.  (Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often.)

            2)  My ego is having a temper tantrum.  (Also doesn’t happen often.) And, most of the case is…

            1)  There is so much information “incoming” that I…

                        a) have to take some time to integrate the energies associated with it

                        b) have to take some time to figure out how best to articulate the information.


This current lull has been as a result of 1-b.  Let me explain.


For the last 30 plus years the information has been coming to me most often as one-lesson-at-a-time.  In the last few years this has begun to be increasingly not the case as I have been pushed to see the integrated nature of things. 


Because I realize that there is so much information out there, and there is a finite amount of time available to people, I have tried to keep my “lessons/writings” short and to the point, letting people be in their own process of integrating the information and being available to those who have questions or want assistance.


When the lessons were coming one at a time the information could be easily disseminated…even the casual information could easily be presented as an “if this then that” scenario.  As the messages became more and more integrated with the greater movement into the Oneness of All Things, “taking apart” the information for a simple lesson/writing became more complex.  Succinctly, “if this then that” showed that the “that” of the first lesson became the “this” of the following lesson.  In other words, nothing stands alone. 


Hence, every time I thought about writing something I couldn’t separate out the “parts” for the purpose of a short discourse.  And, quite frankly, since I see everything as mechanisms of energy and that is so clear in my mind, I find the process of putting things into “language” to be very limiting and somewhat frustrating.


So, I have finally come to a place where I realize the “hit and run” methodology of one lesson at a time has served its course.  I have something that I will be writing about within the next few days and you will notice that these new writings will take on a 2-3 topic format as I attempt to at least disburse the information in “chunks”.  Hopefully, this will work for the next little bit and keep the information flowing.


Thanks for your patience.

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