Thursday, May 17, 2012


Years ago I found myself with a teacher who would ask “Did you….(fill in the blank…but for these purposes let’s say….) tell the truth in this situation?”  I would normally begin fidgeting around and trying something like, “Well, I did the best I could,” or “Considering the circumstances, I thought it best if I….”  At which point my teacher would quietly ask, “Did you or did you not…..(fill in the blank)?”

It didn’t matter how I tried to squirm around the issue or how many times I backed up and tried again, the question was just quietly put to me, “Did you or did you not?”  Eventually (every single time) I was made to understand this was a “yes or no” question and no amount of explanation could alter the fact that the ultimate answer was either “yes” or “no”.  (It’s a little like the pregnant issue – either you are or you are not.)  As the years past, I kept trying to “get away” with not answering directly, but always quietly came, “Did you or did you not?”

At first I thought this was a lesson in telling the truth.  Later I came to understand that telling the truth is the first step in absolute accountability, and without it any attempt to be “accountable” is just a farce.

For years it has been socially okay to “tell a little white lie” and say that things are not always black or white, but sometimes gray.  As the collective consciousness is raising those times are no longer an option for the spiritual aspirant.

Upon examination it can be seen that the “need” to tell a little fib is really a defense mechanism of the ego hoping to escape examination.  “But what about trying to spare someone’s feelings?” you ask.  If one has stopped offering opinions without them having been solicited or from commenting on every topic of discussion, many so-called occasions can be avoided.  Watch and see how many times no comment is needed at all! On the rare occasion when one is questioned directly it will be necessary to “tell the harsh truth, but not tell the truth harshly”.  This can be most easily accomplished by beginning your statement with “It is only my opinion” or “My personal prejudice is” or “I am not qualified to judge (because you aren’t!)”.

As for areas of gray – they don’t exist.  Everything is what it is – it isn’t “sort of this plus sort of that”.  The question becomes, “Is it or isn’t it?”  (A discussion about “labeling” will follow.)

And, obviously, the “Did you or did you not?” question is about being accountable for ones actions – thought, word and deed.  There simply is no passing the buck on this one.   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One of the hardest things for the ego to do is to take absolute accountability for its creations.  The collective consciousness is steeped in the idea of “victim”.  “It’s not my fault” is the mantra of the self-protective ego.  It is always someone else’s fault or there was some extenuating circumstance which “caused” the event. 

It is a mark of great advancement for the spiritual aspirant who can say to his/her self,  “I alone am responsible for this”.  The aspirant understands that whatever is being experienced is a result of some thought, word or deed in this or other lifetimes.  The aspirant accepts responsibility and looks for the understanding or lesson inherent in the event.  Oftentimes, however, there is nothing more to be learned than to understand that it is the individual who determines how events are experienced.

It was some twenty plus years ago when I first began finding myself in front of a panel of my teachers and mentors.  I would be shown a thought, word or deed that I had created and asked “Did you (do this thing)?”  At first I would begin to side-step the issue, trying to explain away my actions.  Every single time I tried to skirt the issue, I would quietly and patiently be asked “Did you (do this)?”  I would still try to explain away my actions with “well, you don’t understand, there was this other thing going on” at which point I would quietly and patiently be asked, “Did you (do this)?”  I would then next try, “Well, I did my best.” (That had always worked with my parents).  My teachers would quietly and patiently ask, “Did you or did you not (do this)?”  I struggled for a long time.  Finally I understood that this was a “yes or no” question.  (It is a little like the pregnancy issue – the answer is either “yes” or “no”.  One cannot be “sort of” or “kind of” pregnant.) 

As the years have passed, whenever I find myself in front of this Council, I now understand that the “Did you or did you not” question is meant for me to take absolute accountability for every thought, word or deed.  Sometimes the view into the looking glass has been uncomfortable, but I have come to understand that its wisdom is far, far reaching.  For me, it is the first step in impeccability and the first step of freedom outside of collective consciousness.

Whenever you can, allow yourself the opportunity to take inventory about your day.  Look at what you have said, thought and done.  Ask yourself if you told the truth.  Were you kind?  Did you make choices that progress you along your spiritual path?  And, when you notice you begin to make excuses for your actions, ask “Did you or did you not (do this)?”

Monday, May 7, 2012



PREFACE #1:  All things in the Universe are composed of energy and that each energy vibrates at a certain frequency.  The lower the frequency, the denser the energy and its manifestation, i.e. a rock.  The higher the frequency, the lighter the energy and its manifestation, i.e. an angel.

PREFACE #2:  There are immutable Laws of the Universe.  They have no delineation of “good” or “bad”.  They simply “are”.  They do not care if you believe in them or not.  They simply “are”.  No one is exempt from the Laws of the Universe.

At this time the most applicable Universal Law is the Law of Attraction.  Its existence in being made known on several levels – both sacred and secular.  Most of the emphasis has been on creating “what you want” by drawing to you what you think about.   This process of goal setting is the first step in understanding the Law of Attraction.  However, there is a great deal more to it that just manifesting good things.

The Law of Attraction works ALL the time.  Every thought, word, emotion and deed creates in the Universe.  And, you draw into your life experience ALL the time.  There are NO “time outs” or “King’s X’s”.  Every thought, word, emotion and deed draws to you according to the vibration that you emit.

You are likened to a tuning fork.  You vibrate at a certain frequency.  And the Universe responds accordingly.   Now, here’s the hitch.  The Universe responds to the vibration that you ARE, not what you pretend to be, not what you want to be, not what you hope to be.

At this time in the human story, there simply is not anything more important for the spiritual aspirant than to become absolutely conscious about his/her vibrational frequency, and to take responsibility for it and his/her creations.  The collective consciousness is a swirl of frequencies.  The spiritual aspirant is charged with the duty to add only the highest frequency available at any given moment…ALL THE TIME.

How can one do this?  Become aware of the frequencies around you.  Tune into your body and let it help you.  Does the conversation you are listening to make you contract inward and want to run in fear or does it bring about an expansive feeling and make you feel loving and kind?  Does the thought you are having make you feel ill or are you filled with well-being?  Are the words out of your mouth diminishing or uplifting?  Is what you are doing in the NOW adding to the life force of mankind and the planet or depleting it?

At every single moment of every single day, do the VERY best you can.  Look for the highest vibrational option in every situation.  Try to engage in ONLY “positive” high vibrational activities.  And, for goodness sakes, if you “slip” and find yourself participating in something less that the highest vibration available, DO NOT demean yourself in ANY WAY.  Simply take note and move away from the moment.  Damning yourself for “not getting it right” is one of the most destructive of energies and creates nothing positive at all.

It may be necessary for you to make some changes in your life.  Are your friends positive or negative?  Is there conversation?  (I have been known to walk out of a room rather that participate in some conversations.)  Is your work place an uplifting environment?  Are the TV shows and movies you watch or a higher or lower frequency?  Remember, you are effected by EVERYTHING you allow into your personal space.

If you will “take on” this teaching, your life will change dramatically, with little effort.  And, you will be doing the very best thing you can for the planet and humankind.  And…..if you can get still, and listen quietly…the Heavens will rejoice at your efforts.   

Friday, May 4, 2012


“If you feel like you’re stuck anywhere, there is only one rule.  You really don’t have to worry about all the other negative (things).  All you have to figure out is only one thing – the thing that you have to surrender – and that is the payoff you’re getting from whatever positionality you’re stuck in.”  -- Dr. David Hawkins

As you ponder this quote (and I mean really ponder it), it might help to keep in mind the principles we have been working with this past year.  A brief summary is:

·         ALL choices, whether conscious or unconscious, are made by a system of “prices and rewards” – that is,
·        The decision/choice (conscious or unconscious) is that whatever I am getting/feeling/experiencing is worth whatever I have to do to get it.
·        ALL humans ONLY do what works for them, and
·        Change ONLY comes when one decides the reward is not worth the price.
·        If the reward is never identified then examination of the price doesn’t have to take place.
·        It is usually only when pain or upset becomes present that one examines the price and begins to weigh it against the reward.
·         Choice CAN be made at ANY time.
·        Distress does NOT have to be the motivating factor.
·        The narcissistic core of the ego’s choices are ALWAYS exclusive – separating you from a concept of perceived “other” – and it projects extreme limitation – because the ego considers itself to be Divine/God/The Source of your life and it has you convinced that without it you will not live.
·        Divine/spiritual choices are ALWAYS inclusive – you as an intricate part of the greater whole, with no concept of “other” – and is absolutely unlimited in expression.

It would seem to me, then, that the question at every turn can simply be reduced to:
Is the reward of defending being who ‘i am’ worth the price of not being who ‘I AM’?

Followed only by the question:  What are you waiting for?


There is a tendency to see your world as fragmented.  You want to segment out various aspects of your life --- your personal life, your professional life, your social life, your intimate life, your spiritual life, your political life, etc. etc.

It is true that when you do this you also segment your vibrational frequency – your personal life frequency is thus-and-so, your professional life is thus-and-so, etc.  HOWEVER, your life as experienced by the Universe is NOT segmented.  So, it is the composite of your segments that vibrates in the All – the “average” if you will.  While on some level that may give you comfort, i.e. “I’m really doing well in this phase of my life”, it would behoove you to move beyond this and begin to think in terms of a whole light of expression.

In other words, the Universe functions as inclusive, not exclusive.  Given the above example, the Universe includes the lowest of your vibrations, it does not exclude the “high” and “low” for computation. 

This becomes important as you endeavor to consciously create.  An appropriate goal would be to express at the highest vibration possible in any and every given moment, excluding no moments for the “luxury” of “time-out”.  It is a little like being pregnant – one either is or is not.  One cannot be pregnant during certain circumstances and not  pregnant in others.

It is not important to worry about “what” the frequency is so much as to understand that it is either a frequency of inclusion or exclusion.  An easy way to become aware of this is to begin to differentiate between your energy of expansion or contraction.  If you are feeling expanded, or open, you are including.  If you are feeling contracted, or closed, you are excluding.  Allow yourself to become acutely aware of this at all times.  As you would say, 24/7/365.

Be conscious of the fact that one cannot be expansive if one is not also giving.  In other words, hoarding, in any form is contractive.  This applies to your time, your love, your goodwill, your good thoughts.  You cannot open to receive and then “stop” the energy when it arrives at “you”.  By function, it must come to and through you.  If you perceive lack of receivership in any area, look to see how you are “giving” in the same area.  This does not necessarily mean in tangibles.  It does mean in energy.

Remember, everything --- everything, everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is energy.  And everything – everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is included in the Laws of the Universe.  And EV-ER-Y-THING is a part of the One.

Go, be joyous in All That Is.

Thursday, May 3, 2012



You are aware of what is called the “butterfly effect” – every action affects all things.

So it is with every aspect of energy that you emanate. 

It is important that you begin to take accountability for your creations.  Begin by being conscious of all that you do, that you say, that you think.  The majority of your life is expressed unconsciously, without “you” present.  The following is a technique to assist you in bringing your conscious awareness into your life.

Start with the denser modality of “do”.  Before you begin any new activity, no matter how “small” or “different” than what you have been doing previously, STOP and take a breath…one breath will do, two will do nicely.  No matter how hurried you are in your activities, one or two breaths will not hinder your day.  But it WILL bring “you” into the activity.  At that point you may proceed unconsciously, decide to imbue the activity with conscious intent or change your activity all together.  At first you will continue to rush about, but you will start to notice that you have just performed some task and not been “present”.

Next, move to the aspect of “say”.  Before you speak, STOP, pause one beat.  A single breath with aid in this as well.  At first you will be aware “after the fact” that you had just rattled on and had not stopped to pause.  Slowly you will begin to pause occasionally.  Then it will become your normal experience.  With the pause of one beat, you may “look” upon what you are about to say and “take a reading” of the energy involved.  Is it truly one you wish to create?  If so, proceed.

Lastly will come “thought”.  This would appear to be the most difficult, but is, in fact, the place of greatest power.  As the stream of thought passes through your mind, simply choose to let it direct your mind, or not.  If the “subject” of the thought process is not of the vibration of your choosing, simply STOP thinking it.  A breath or two will serve as a point of focus for you.  In time you will become aware of the silence and it will be your cherished state of being.

As you practice bringing your “self” to the present moment and become more adept at doing so, you will notice that you will begin to bring your “Self” to the moment.  And, is that not the goal after all….to bring your Self to your self.



Beginning with the premise that everything…e-ve-ry-thing… is energy, let’s look at the energy patterns in the above topics.  The first in each set carries a passive or non-action energy, while the second carries an aggressive or action energy.  Underneath the first lies an unconscious expression while underneath the later is a conscious expression.  Let’s break it down.

WANT VS. DESIRE – “Want” is primarily a mental construct.  I “want” a new shirt, TV, car, etc.  I have identified something that I think I want because of outside stimulus…sometimes because of what is popular or of what I think is considered desirable by collective consciousness.
            “Desire” is primarily an emotional construct.  There is an element that is almost visceral…a yearning...a need within.  Often what is desired makes no sense on a mental level, but non-the-less it continues to capture our imagination and we feel an almost invisible pull toward it.

HOPE VS. INTENT – “Hope” has the energy of disbelief hidden within.  I “hope” it comes to pass, but I don’t really believe it and I’m not betting the farm on it.  It also has an underlying element of the object hoped for will manifest as a result of some outside force.
            “Intent” carries a focus of energy that is self driven.  “I” mean to see that this is accomplished.

AFFIRMATION VS. CHARACTER TRAIT – As a proponent of affirmations for over a quarter of a century, I have come to understand that there is an element of “hope” within affirmations that continues to place it in the future.  In spite of stating the affirmation in a first person present tense manner, the energy beneath is often “God, I hope so” or “maybe one day”.  The underlying message the ego keeps driving home is “I don’t believe it” or “who do you think you’re fooling”. Again, there is that element of “hoping” that something outside of self will cause it to be.
            In Become Your Spiritual Avatar, we say “my Avatar is/has/does…”.  The reason we do so is that it takes the ego out of the equation.  How can the ego argue about some character’s trait?  Then, our job is to embody that Avatar.  It is the self-help movement’s “fake it ‘til you make it” or “act as if” in action.  It is a not a “wish” but a statement of fact about a character that we bring to life.

WAIT & SEE VS. ACTION – This one is obvious. 
            “Wait and see” is passive in that, again, it is a “hope” that something “outside” of self will change and bring about the desired results.
            “Action” is just that – action.  It is energy in movement that is self-directed.

UNCONSCIOUS VS. CONSCIOUS – In Become Your Spiritual Avatar we speak about this a great deal, because it is at the crux of the program.
            We begin with the understanding that we are CONSTANTLY making decisions, even when we think we are not.  Most of our decisions are made unconsciously…that is, most of what we do is done on “automatic pilot”.  We just go along with our lives not actively engaged at all.  The goal of Become Your Spiritual Avatar is to take back the helm and empower us to make all decisions on a conscious level.  Obviously this moves us from the passive to the aggressive (benignly) level.  This is particularly important on the level of action.  Action is not enough.  It must be conscious action.

ADDING DESIRE TO INTENT TO CHARACTER TRAIT TO CONSCIOUS ACTION is the formula that makes Become Your Spiritual Avatar work….indeed, it is the formula that makes empowerment work.  Any one of the second sets above is more desirable than the first, but together they manifest the life that we “say” we want.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Having practiced the art of “choosing for and not against”, it is now time to look at the energy pattern surrounding one’s activities.  This is not as simple as it may seem, for there are many layers involved here.

Most of our choices of thoughts and ideas we have just accepted without examination from the collective consciousness.  The majority of our opinions, wishes, desires, etc. were absorbed from the environment in which we found ourselves upon birth.  Never questioning “why”, we allowed our parents, family, teachers and leaders to tell us what is “so”.  It was easy that way, and it was the way it was done. 

Anyone born in the last 100 years, therefore, accepted that “who” he/she is was determined by “what” they did.  It established one’s place in society and in individual hierarchies.  This belief system is so pervasive that a great many people are engaged in work and other activities that they don’t even like because it was “the thing to do”.

As the spiritual aspirant progresses on the path, it is inevitable that he/she learns that the vibrational frequency which one emits while “living” one’s earthly life is THE only thing that matters.  This is THE “real” thing that determines levels of consciousness and true hierarchical placement.  Hence, one begins to make decisions predicated upon what brings happiness, pleasure and a sense of true connectedness.  It is the source of the proverbial phrase “follow your bliss”.

It would therefore become apparent that it is more important “how” one is in one’s activities than “what” the activity itself is.  An awakening entity will have a greater effect upon his spiritual progress, the collective consciousness, and the planet itself by cleaning toilets with a sense of love, service, kindness and oneness with man than he/she would if he/she were doing brain surgery and hating every minute of it.  While it is true that one’s activities have a frequency effect, the vibration of the emotion attached to the activity has much greater creative power. 

It would behoove the true aspirant to begin to examine each and every activity of his/her day and notice the emotion held in the body during that activity.  If it is anything less than neutral, the activity should cease immediately.  One’s goal is to be in joy regardless of what one is doing.  Be aware of the flow of the energies of the Universe and feel at one with that flow.  Do not be concerned about what others may think of what you are doing.  Do what you do because it is the natural flow of your true Self and you do it because it is an act of devotion to the truth of who you are.  Be grateful in all things.  Praise God by whatever name you may call the Oneness and be a pure channel for that which is LOVE.


Everything – every thing – in the Universe is formed from energy and is “fed” by energy.  The more energy a thing has the more form it has. 

Most people make choices in their lives by choosing what they do not want to have.  Some choices are simply “default” choices…not knowing what they want, but pretty sure of what they do not want.  What then occurs is more of what they do not want.   “That which I have feared the most has come upon me.”

Many people are extremely “anti” something – war, abortion, brown/black/yellow/white people, Democrats, Republicans, this religion or that thing.  And yet, despite all their efforts, what they protest remains.  “What you resists persists.”

The Law of Attraction states that what you hold in thought/vibration will be drawn to you.  That is because as you think about something you are “feeding” it energy and making it more “solid” in your reality.

If you were to have several small plants and you gave one of them fertilizer, water, love and attention, it would grow into a taller, healthier, hardier plant than the others.  Now, here is the interesting part.  If you “accidentally” fertilized and watered a “weed” next to that plant, it would also grow to be healthy and hardy.  You see, to nature, all plants are equal.  You may call one a daisy and the other a weed, but nature knows no such designation.  And so it is with the Universe and its energetic forms.  Remember, Universal Laws apply ALL the time.

Therefore, it would appear obvious that when you are “against” something – particularly if you have great emotion attached – you are “feeding” that thing energy just as if you were “for” the thing.  You are perpetuating the very energy form you would not like to have.  You might as well be an advocate “for” the thing because by the very nature of your acknowledging its existence you give it credence and form.

It is a far higher vibrational choice to choose “for” something.  Choose “for” peace rather than “against” war.  Choose “for” a new career, rather than “against” this lousy job.  Choose “for” a healthy relationship, rather than “against” this toxic marriage.  By chosing “for”, rather than “against”, you align yourself with higher frequencies and create in your life more joyful, healthful, positive situations. 
Serendipitously, you also help the planet and its people raise the collective consciousness.  It is the ultimate “win-win” scenario.


The single most important point of focus at this time should simply be…”What is the Goal?”  It is imperative that you know exactly what your goal is in regard to the totality of your life efforts.  From a purist point of view, the Isness doesn’t have any judgment on what that goal might be – to have the most toys, to live in bliss, to become one with all things, to consciously join with your Higher Self, or to be the skinniest woman alive at the time of death.  That Which Is would prefer that your goal be of a spiritual nature, but if it is not, that is allowed too.

What IS important is that EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY decision you make from this point forward uses this goal as a guidepost for ANY AND ALL decisions and actions on your part.  Is what you are doing taking you closer to your goal or not?  Is the way you are acting in concert with your goal or not?  Are your thoughts clearly focused on your goal or not?

The reason behind this is that what would appear to be the onslaught of chaos in your daily lives will begin to spin and spin to the point that you can literally be knocked off your feet.  If you are steadfast in remaining focused on what will become your centering point, you will not be at effect at this swirl of energy, but rather, you will be able to slip easily and effortlessly through the confusion.

For those who profess to have a spiritual goal, it is imperative that this be well defined – to the point that you do not confuse yourself about what you want.  Stay focused on this like a ballerina stays focused on a centering point while spinning around and around.  You should aim all your thoughts, words and deeds at this goal and let it “pull” you forward without wandering to the right or left.  With blinders on liken to a racehorse, look only at what is your “finish line”.  All else will fall by the way side and you will see it for what it is – a diversion, meant to keep you from your ultimate goal.

If you will become clear in your intent, and fixated on your goal, those that are allowed to do so will rush to your aid to not only cheer you on but to give you a little “boost” in staying the course.

While much around you seems to make no sense, know that you are clear and on point and all of Heaven will assist and rejoice with you.