Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The single most important point of focus at this time should simply be…”What is the Goal?”  It is imperative that you know exactly what your goal is in regard to the totality of your life efforts.  From a purist point of view, the Isness doesn’t have any judgment on what that goal might be – to have the most toys, to live in bliss, to become one with all things, to consciously join with your Higher Self, or to be the skinniest woman alive at the time of death.  That Which Is would prefer that your goal be of a spiritual nature, but if it is not, that is allowed too.

What IS important is that EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY decision you make from this point forward uses this goal as a guidepost for ANY AND ALL decisions and actions on your part.  Is what you are doing taking you closer to your goal or not?  Is the way you are acting in concert with your goal or not?  Are your thoughts clearly focused on your goal or not?

The reason behind this is that what would appear to be the onslaught of chaos in your daily lives will begin to spin and spin to the point that you can literally be knocked off your feet.  If you are steadfast in remaining focused on what will become your centering point, you will not be at effect at this swirl of energy, but rather, you will be able to slip easily and effortlessly through the confusion.

For those who profess to have a spiritual goal, it is imperative that this be well defined – to the point that you do not confuse yourself about what you want.  Stay focused on this like a ballerina stays focused on a centering point while spinning around and around.  You should aim all your thoughts, words and deeds at this goal and let it “pull” you forward without wandering to the right or left.  With blinders on liken to a racehorse, look only at what is your “finish line”.  All else will fall by the way side and you will see it for what it is – a diversion, meant to keep you from your ultimate goal.

If you will become clear in your intent, and fixated on your goal, those that are allowed to do so will rush to your aid to not only cheer you on but to give you a little “boost” in staying the course.

While much around you seems to make no sense, know that you are clear and on point and all of Heaven will assist and rejoice with you.

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