Friday, May 4, 2012


“If you feel like you’re stuck anywhere, there is only one rule.  You really don’t have to worry about all the other negative (things).  All you have to figure out is only one thing – the thing that you have to surrender – and that is the payoff you’re getting from whatever positionality you’re stuck in.”  -- Dr. David Hawkins

As you ponder this quote (and I mean really ponder it), it might help to keep in mind the principles we have been working with this past year.  A brief summary is:

·         ALL choices, whether conscious or unconscious, are made by a system of “prices and rewards” – that is,
·        The decision/choice (conscious or unconscious) is that whatever I am getting/feeling/experiencing is worth whatever I have to do to get it.
·        ALL humans ONLY do what works for them, and
·        Change ONLY comes when one decides the reward is not worth the price.
·        If the reward is never identified then examination of the price doesn’t have to take place.
·        It is usually only when pain or upset becomes present that one examines the price and begins to weigh it against the reward.
·         Choice CAN be made at ANY time.
·        Distress does NOT have to be the motivating factor.
·        The narcissistic core of the ego’s choices are ALWAYS exclusive – separating you from a concept of perceived “other” – and it projects extreme limitation – because the ego considers itself to be Divine/God/The Source of your life and it has you convinced that without it you will not live.
·        Divine/spiritual choices are ALWAYS inclusive – you as an intricate part of the greater whole, with no concept of “other” – and is absolutely unlimited in expression.

It would seem to me, then, that the question at every turn can simply be reduced to:
Is the reward of defending being who ‘i am’ worth the price of not being who ‘I AM’?

Followed only by the question:  What are you waiting for?

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