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Beginning with the premise that everything…e-ve-ry-thing… is energy, let’s look at the energy patterns in the above topics.  The first in each set carries a passive or non-action energy, while the second carries an aggressive or action energy.  Underneath the first lies an unconscious expression while underneath the later is a conscious expression.  Let’s break it down.

WANT VS. DESIRE – “Want” is primarily a mental construct.  I “want” a new shirt, TV, car, etc.  I have identified something that I think I want because of outside stimulus…sometimes because of what is popular or of what I think is considered desirable by collective consciousness.
            “Desire” is primarily an emotional construct.  There is an element that is almost visceral…a yearning...a need within.  Often what is desired makes no sense on a mental level, but non-the-less it continues to capture our imagination and we feel an almost invisible pull toward it.

HOPE VS. INTENT – “Hope” has the energy of disbelief hidden within.  I “hope” it comes to pass, but I don’t really believe it and I’m not betting the farm on it.  It also has an underlying element of the object hoped for will manifest as a result of some outside force.
            “Intent” carries a focus of energy that is self driven.  “I” mean to see that this is accomplished.

AFFIRMATION VS. CHARACTER TRAIT – As a proponent of affirmations for over a quarter of a century, I have come to understand that there is an element of “hope” within affirmations that continues to place it in the future.  In spite of stating the affirmation in a first person present tense manner, the energy beneath is often “God, I hope so” or “maybe one day”.  The underlying message the ego keeps driving home is “I don’t believe it” or “who do you think you’re fooling”. Again, there is that element of “hoping” that something outside of self will cause it to be.
            In Become Your Spiritual Avatar, we say “my Avatar is/has/does…”.  The reason we do so is that it takes the ego out of the equation.  How can the ego argue about some character’s trait?  Then, our job is to embody that Avatar.  It is the self-help movement’s “fake it ‘til you make it” or “act as if” in action.  It is a not a “wish” but a statement of fact about a character that we bring to life.

WAIT & SEE VS. ACTION – This one is obvious. 
            “Wait and see” is passive in that, again, it is a “hope” that something “outside” of self will change and bring about the desired results.
            “Action” is just that – action.  It is energy in movement that is self-directed.

UNCONSCIOUS VS. CONSCIOUS – In Become Your Spiritual Avatar we speak about this a great deal, because it is at the crux of the program.
            We begin with the understanding that we are CONSTANTLY making decisions, even when we think we are not.  Most of our decisions are made unconsciously…that is, most of what we do is done on “automatic pilot”.  We just go along with our lives not actively engaged at all.  The goal of Become Your Spiritual Avatar is to take back the helm and empower us to make all decisions on a conscious level.  Obviously this moves us from the passive to the aggressive (benignly) level.  This is particularly important on the level of action.  Action is not enough.  It must be conscious action.

ADDING DESIRE TO INTENT TO CHARACTER TRAIT TO CONSCIOUS ACTION is the formula that makes Become Your Spiritual Avatar work….indeed, it is the formula that makes empowerment work.  Any one of the second sets above is more desirable than the first, but together they manifest the life that we “say” we want.

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