Thursday, May 3, 2012



You are aware of what is called the “butterfly effect” – every action affects all things.

So it is with every aspect of energy that you emanate. 

It is important that you begin to take accountability for your creations.  Begin by being conscious of all that you do, that you say, that you think.  The majority of your life is expressed unconsciously, without “you” present.  The following is a technique to assist you in bringing your conscious awareness into your life.

Start with the denser modality of “do”.  Before you begin any new activity, no matter how “small” or “different” than what you have been doing previously, STOP and take a breath…one breath will do, two will do nicely.  No matter how hurried you are in your activities, one or two breaths will not hinder your day.  But it WILL bring “you” into the activity.  At that point you may proceed unconsciously, decide to imbue the activity with conscious intent or change your activity all together.  At first you will continue to rush about, but you will start to notice that you have just performed some task and not been “present”.

Next, move to the aspect of “say”.  Before you speak, STOP, pause one beat.  A single breath with aid in this as well.  At first you will be aware “after the fact” that you had just rattled on and had not stopped to pause.  Slowly you will begin to pause occasionally.  Then it will become your normal experience.  With the pause of one beat, you may “look” upon what you are about to say and “take a reading” of the energy involved.  Is it truly one you wish to create?  If so, proceed.

Lastly will come “thought”.  This would appear to be the most difficult, but is, in fact, the place of greatest power.  As the stream of thought passes through your mind, simply choose to let it direct your mind, or not.  If the “subject” of the thought process is not of the vibration of your choosing, simply STOP thinking it.  A breath or two will serve as a point of focus for you.  In time you will become aware of the silence and it will be your cherished state of being.

As you practice bringing your “self” to the present moment and become more adept at doing so, you will notice that you will begin to bring your “Self” to the moment.  And, is that not the goal after all….to bring your Self to your self.

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