Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For your mind

As you know, part of the Avatar program is to have a list of "Happy Songs" for your mind to keep playing over and over in order to keep your vibrational frequency at its highest level -- the ultimate iPod if you will.  However, every now and then it has been my experience that one just needs a "lift".  Below is my all time favorite for that exact purpose.  Of course when I "sing" the words the song is sung from my Higher Self to my Limited Self.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Go to a mirror – preferably a full length mirror.  Stand before it and look at yourself.  Study yourself.

Notice the placement of the hands, the head, the feet.  It would appear that the feet are “lower” than the hands.  However, as you contemplate their purpose you begin to understand they are exactly where they need to be.  How useless would be the feet if they were on top of your head, although they then would be “above” your hands.

Now, sit down.  Stand up and turn around and look at your buttocks.  Isn’t it wonderful that they are placed where they are instead of, say, on your chest.  Imagine the contortions necessary to sit down if your buttocks were on your chest. 

As you look upon your body allow the understanding to come that each and every aspect of your body is exactly where it needs to be for its function and purpose.  And you rejoice that this is so.  And, it is the composite of such perfectly placed individual aspects that make your body whole.  And so you think of yourself as a whole body.

So it is with the body of humanity.  Each and every aspect is exactly where it needs to be and its compilation is the “whole” of humanity. 

As you gaze upon that which you have previously considered to be an “other”, realize that it is but part of your Self, the wholeness that is One.  Allow your self to rejoice that each seemingly individual aspect is fulfilling its purpose and function and rejoice that it is so.

Now, return to your mirror.

Notice the height of your head in relationship to some other object in the mirror.  If you want to “raise” the height of your head, step upon something, a stool perhaps.  Notice that as your “raise” your head you also “raise” the height of your knees.  It is impossible for you to raise your head and keep the knees at their previous level.  The whole being is raised, regardless of whether your intention is to raise the head or to raise the waist.  So, too, is it with the body of humanity.  When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the whole.  It must be so.

This, then, is your function and purpose in the body of humanity. consciously raise your vibration.  This is your only function and purpose. 

Rejoice that it is so.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finishing Addendum

My Bad!  I forgot to include.....
When I was "receiving" the "Finishing" info I was given a picture of a cartoon character standing on a mountain top.  Surrounding him were pictures depicting the events of his life.  The character opened his arms and one by one the pictures began "flying" into him.  As each picture meshed with him his light became brighter & brighter.  When all the pictures were gone, the "form" of the character was no longer distinguishable....instead there was just a brilliant, glowing light.


We will be discussing “Finishing”.  What is important here is the vibrational rate upon transition – either the leaving of the body or soul ascension.  In truth, “Finishing” can refer to any moment of the time/space continuum where one embraces the eternal Now.

At the time of “Finishing” it is imperative that one releases all residue of guilt and blame and stands in the perfection of all that is.  If one is making a transition this will be of great importance, as the vibrational frequency at that moment serves as a “final test” on the report card of life.  Even if one has led a despicable life, if the Finishing frequency is aligned with the Universe, THAT will be the frequency which decides the future evolution of the soul.

“Finishing” is different from being “Complete”.  “Complete” is a resigned acceptance of what has been, and activates Karma.  “Finishing” is an active embrace of what has been and negates Karma.

So, how does one get to that understanding?

A Course In Miracles refers to the Holy Instant.  Other modalities speak of the Present or the Now.  By whatever name it is known, there is, in Truth, only this very moment.  At this moment there never has been nor shall there ever be any other moment, for in the timelessness of eternity there is only NOW.  To be in purity one comes to understand that all that has been perceived as “yesterday” – be it in this lifetime or previous ones – has been the perfection of what makes up the components of this Holy Now.  Without all that has seemingly occurred this Now would not exist.  Therefore, a great swelling of unconditional love occurs wherein all that one has experienced is embraced.  Here, even forgiveness is not necessary because all elements of judgment are dropped.  And, if there is no judgment there is nothing to forgive.  It is as if one suddenly releases all of the “baggage” of what “was” to live in the Glory of what “Is”.  Herein is the peace, freedom and love that is God.

One does not have to “wait” for this moment.  One creates it – NOW.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


You have asked about the difference between joy and happiness.  It is a matter of collective conscious usage.

As it is now upon your plane, “happy” carries a connotation that requires an “about something” attached to it.  You are “happy” because of something, or you are “unhappy” because of something.  In other words, “happy” implies outside stimulus and is a “result” of something.  It is experienced from the outside in. It also implies a fulcrum point of vibration that would indicate you could be “knocked off” your point of happiness.

Joy, on the other hand, is simply a state of being.  Observe, that you do not say, “I am in joy about….”  Or “I am out of joy about….”.  Joy just is.  If you are “joyous” you take that emotion into every experience you have.  In other words, it expresses from the inside out.

Choose to be joyous in each and every moment regardless of the activity around you – then watch the activity change to match your vibration of joy.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Conscious transformation cannot take place unless and until one embraces three basic concepts:

1)    I choose consciously or unconsciously at every moment.
2)    Choice releases and directs the energy of manifestation.
3)    I am accountable for all my choices, conscious or unconscious.

When these 3 principles are totally embraced conscious transformation can take place and ANYTHING is possible.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Of all the Universal Laws, Allowance is the one that should be your focus at this time – for it is the means by which you access all the others.   For example, the Law of Attraction works with or without your participation as does the Law of Balance, etc.  But it is the choices you make within the Law of Allowance that determines your level of participation in all areas of your physical experience in this time/space continuum.

When the Law of Allowance is fully embraced, you realize that everything is according to the perfection that is Divine.  All things express within the confines of Karma, Divine Intent, Balance and Harmony.  This, of course, includes you.  And, if you expect that allowance applies to you, then you must assuredly acknowledge that it applies to all “other” as well.

“But,” says your ego, “there are wrongs that need to be made right.”  “He/she needs to be held accountable.”  “Justice needs to be served.”  “That sucker needs his come-uppance.”  Etc., etc.

Maybe so.  But, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB!  If there is indeed balance, justice, accountability at issue, it belongs to the Office of the Director of Karma.  NOT YOUR JOB.  If it is enlightenment or education that is needed, it belongs to the Office of the Christ.  NOT YOUR JOB.

YOUR JOB is to allow all things to BE, realizing that all things express as a function of vibration.  And every-one and every-thing is exactly where it is supposed to be and expressing exactly how it is meant to be according to the chosen vibration of expression.  If it is appears to be something that you do not wish to experience, be very intentional in choosing the vibration that you DO want to experience.  Simply do not “visit” the other vibration.  (If you don’t want to visit Spain, don’t go there.)

When you are irritated, aggravated, insulted or feel “righteous indignation” by ANYTHING or ANYONE realize that the what you are feeling is resistance to what is and ANY thought other than “it is what is it is” is NOT YOUR JOB.

This should relieve you of a heavy burden – that of “solving” all the so-called ills of the world – and should leave you free to live in joy.

Go forth and be joyous.  DO YOUR JOB!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


An Energy Update June 19, 2012

As most of you have felt, the energy from Thursday, June14th, through Monday, June 18th was extremely dense, leading many people to feel lethargic and unmotivated.  That energy seems to have begun to dissipate as of Monday evening at 10:00 p.m. EDT.

On Friday I asked to see what was going on.  I was shown what would appear to be 6 glass chess boards stacked about 4” apart and above each other.  Each chess board was filled with chess pieces.  As I “watched”, one piece on one level would move, then, all the pieces on all the other levels would adjust accordingly.  This happened over and over again.  Although I could see a “ripple” in the energy surrounding this 6-level board begin to shimmer, I was not able to ascertain what prompted the individual piece to begin the movement process.

I asked about what I had seen and it was explained that this was a representation of what is happening in the Universe at this time.  As it was explained to me, certain “arrangements and expectations” were not met in a timely fashion, putting various “plans” out of synch and there was a concerted effort on behalf of the forces of the Universe to make the necessary adjustments to bring everything into the alignment needed to proceed to the next level of development. It was also explained that to comment on any particular “movement” would be futile as it would be changed shortly.

Today, Tuesday, June 19, 2012, I feel that movement has begun to settle down and things are moving on a more “scheduled” pace at this time.  What that pace is and exactly what that means, I do not presume to know.  I do know that all is right in the Universe, and that both Don and I have awakened with a heightened level of joy, energy and peace. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Love That Is God

As most of you know, I do not sleep in the conventional form, i.e. I seldom if ever lose consciousness, but I do lay the body down to rest.  It is during the night when I do most of my “spiritual work” and have my most meaningful interaction with the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.

As I was doing a piece of “work” last night I flashed on a conversation I recently had with a friend wherein I said, “I have to be careful to not idly say I want something because Don will move Heaven and Earth to get it for me.”  I realized that was so very much the truth because he loves me so much he literally wants me to have my heart’s desire.  I contemplated the profundity of that level of love for a bit and then thought, “that is the place from which I experience upset with Don when he is unkind to himself or acts in a way that is not in alignment with his true potential”.  I had just finished looking at the mechanism of that energy when I heard “imagine then, how I feel about you”, followed by a rush of Love energy that was so profound I wasn’t sure the body was going to be able to handle it.

I was then lead to see that we are, in essence, a stepped-down energy of the Universal Life Force (God) and that we are not only mirrors for one another, but we are little gifts of remembrance for one another.  We are here to remind each other that God would have us have our very heart’s desire, if we would but allow it and remove the impediments to receive and, although we are allowed to choose our own experience, God would have us express to the highest of our full potential and above all else we are loved beyond our capacity to currently understand. 

I then spent some time in deep appreciation for Don and those who fill my life for all have been an opportunity for me to remember the Truth That Is. 

For years I have ended my seminars and my prayer sessions with the blessing: “You are a blessing in my life, without you I would not be who I am.”  Now I will also add, “for without you I might have forgotten the Love That Is God.”