Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Love That Is God

As most of you know, I do not sleep in the conventional form, i.e. I seldom if ever lose consciousness, but I do lay the body down to rest.  It is during the night when I do most of my “spiritual work” and have my most meaningful interaction with the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.

As I was doing a piece of “work” last night I flashed on a conversation I recently had with a friend wherein I said, “I have to be careful to not idly say I want something because Don will move Heaven and Earth to get it for me.”  I realized that was so very much the truth because he loves me so much he literally wants me to have my heart’s desire.  I contemplated the profundity of that level of love for a bit and then thought, “that is the place from which I experience upset with Don when he is unkind to himself or acts in a way that is not in alignment with his true potential”.  I had just finished looking at the mechanism of that energy when I heard “imagine then, how I feel about you”, followed by a rush of Love energy that was so profound I wasn’t sure the body was going to be able to handle it.

I was then lead to see that we are, in essence, a stepped-down energy of the Universal Life Force (God) and that we are not only mirrors for one another, but we are little gifts of remembrance for one another.  We are here to remind each other that God would have us have our very heart’s desire, if we would but allow it and remove the impediments to receive and, although we are allowed to choose our own experience, God would have us express to the highest of our full potential and above all else we are loved beyond our capacity to currently understand. 

I then spent some time in deep appreciation for Don and those who fill my life for all have been an opportunity for me to remember the Truth That Is. 

For years I have ended my seminars and my prayer sessions with the blessing: “You are a blessing in my life, without you I would not be who I am.”  Now I will also add, “for without you I might have forgotten the Love That Is God.”

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