Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Go to a mirror – preferably a full length mirror.  Stand before it and look at yourself.  Study yourself.

Notice the placement of the hands, the head, the feet.  It would appear that the feet are “lower” than the hands.  However, as you contemplate their purpose you begin to understand they are exactly where they need to be.  How useless would be the feet if they were on top of your head, although they then would be “above” your hands.

Now, sit down.  Stand up and turn around and look at your buttocks.  Isn’t it wonderful that they are placed where they are instead of, say, on your chest.  Imagine the contortions necessary to sit down if your buttocks were on your chest. 

As you look upon your body allow the understanding to come that each and every aspect of your body is exactly where it needs to be for its function and purpose.  And you rejoice that this is so.  And, it is the composite of such perfectly placed individual aspects that make your body whole.  And so you think of yourself as a whole body.

So it is with the body of humanity.  Each and every aspect is exactly where it needs to be and its compilation is the “whole” of humanity. 

As you gaze upon that which you have previously considered to be an “other”, realize that it is but part of your Self, the wholeness that is One.  Allow your self to rejoice that each seemingly individual aspect is fulfilling its purpose and function and rejoice that it is so.

Now, return to your mirror.

Notice the height of your head in relationship to some other object in the mirror.  If you want to “raise” the height of your head, step upon something, a stool perhaps.  Notice that as your “raise” your head you also “raise” the height of your knees.  It is impossible for you to raise your head and keep the knees at their previous level.  The whole being is raised, regardless of whether your intention is to raise the head or to raise the waist.  So, too, is it with the body of humanity.  When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the whole.  It must be so.

This, then, is your function and purpose in the body of humanity. ..to consciously raise your vibration.  This is your only function and purpose. 

Rejoice that it is so.

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