Friday, December 21, 2012


Received in this morning's meditation 12-21-12.
The time has now come for a change in your meditation visualization. No longer envision the "Light" pouring down around you or coming into you through either your crown chakra or your heart chakra. Instead, envision the "Light" emanating FROM your heart chakra in all directions simultaneously. YOU are the source of the Light into manifestation through the vehicle of the Soul. Then live your life in the full knowledge that it is YOU that brings the Light into the world, so you must keep your heart open and let this great Light shine upon all of Creation.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Note:  “Received” this morning – indeed, most of the morning.




In light of the events that have happened over this past weekend, I have received several calls from people trying to make sense of what has happened.  I do not think that will be possible, because to “make sense” means to put “reason” to it and attempt to place everything into a box of 3 dimensional understanding.


As always, I am reminded, “YOU DO NOT KNOW”.  As I have shared with you before, only one who has the perspective of knowing all that has ever been and ever shall be for all the souls involved will have the “right” for any kind of discussion about events.  And, as I have shared before, from my limited point of view, that perspective is held only by Spirit, by whatever name you call it.


I am also reminded that we “do not know” what the spiritual contracts amongst these individuals and between themselves and Spirit are.  And, it is not ours to know.


But I do know a few things…..


·        In as much as possible, please refrain from ANY judgment on any aspect of this occurrence.  And above all else, please do not engage in “righteous indignation” of any sort on any topic.

·        At every turn, keep your heart as wide open as you can – for ALL involved in any way…..and we do mean all, media, families, country, etc.

·        In response to questions of “How is this still in my reality” I would say to look within yourself for every act of violence.  Let yourself become aware of even the smallest amount of rage, revenge, or hostility against anything and anyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF.  Look at your words, “I’d like to strangle him”, “I could have just killed the jerk”, “I’d like to give her a piece of my mind”.  As long as there is violence within yourself, there will be violence in your “reality” to reflect such back to you.

·        Allow yourself an honest introspection about what part of you has abdicated responsibility to others, including any “hope/belief” that someone/something outside yourself (say, the Galactic Federation, angels, guides, etc.) will “do the work for you” so that you can simply just arrive one day as an enlightened being.  Hint:  Every time you abdicate responsibility you abdicate power, thereby lessening the wholeness of who you are, ergo, the wholeness that is The Human Being.

·        In response to questions about how could this happen after 12-12-12.  Remember all of creation has a frequency assigned to it.  Just as there would be no penthouse without a basement, there can be no 5th Dimension without a 3rd Dimension.  The opportunity before us is to be intentional as to where we put our focus and at what “address” do we choose to live.  If you want to truly live “up town”, then you must release your “ghetto apartment”.  One simply cannot be in a higher dimension and retain all of the “cherished stuff” from the lower dimension.  Even science says that no two things can occupy the same space.


Now is NOT the time to try to change anybody’s views about anything.  If you find yourself in the presence of others who are outraged at this “tragedy” let yourself see that person’s own inner pain and torment.  If you are required to “say” anything simply say, “Yes, it is beyond comprehension.  All we can do is pray for strength and compassion.”  AND THEN MOVE ON.


Realize that everything that is happening now and will happen is an opportunity for us to “choose again” and to exercise the power of free will given us by our creator to create Peace.  And, in the words of that old prayer/song, “Let Peace Begin With Me.”

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Note:  Please SERIOUSLY contemplate the following:


“I am one with all things.  I am one with the earth.  I am one with the sea.  I am one with the sky.  I am one with the birds.  I am one with the trees.  I am one with the animals.  I am one with my fellow man.  I am one with my house.  I am one with my car.  I am one with all things.” …………………………………..




When you have found the wisdom inherent within this, then ask, “What is the significance of this wisdom?”  And please remember, I am always here and available.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It would appear that the modern day version of “Bah Humbug” is “I hate the commercialization of Christmas” or “They’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas”. Whenever someone starts their diatribe with these or similar phrases, I just smile. Most of the time they think that smile indicates that I am in agreement with them. Mostly, but with a bit of a twist.
Let me explain. This is what I “know” about “Christmas”.
When the founders of the newly organized Christian Church began to spread its gospel throughout Europe, it discovered many different “religions”….Nordic gods, Celts, Druids, etc. Although the religious practices were different the Church was quick to realize there was one major reoccurring theme throughout Europe. All nations seemed to have some sort of celebration around the Winter and Summer Solstice and the Autumnal and Spring Equinox.
One of the strongest of these celebrations centered around the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice occurred at the end of the hunting/gathering/harvest season. It was a time when people were preparing for the long winter months. They would take “inventory” of the fruits of their work and decide just how much they would need and what was an excess…and that excess would be given to others in exchange for their excess. For example, if one had an excess of meat it would be given to one who had little meat. If one had an excess of nuts or berries, it would be given to those who had little, etc. etc. Because the well-being of the tribe depended upon every individual’s well-being the excess was not bartered, but was given freely. Trusting that whoever had an excess would share and realizing that if there were no excess it was still a good thing to share your own excess so that the tribe would be stronger. This exchange of “excess” was usually accompanied by a great feast and some sort of celebration, after which the tribe would wish each other well and good health and retreat to their cave/hut/home for winter, sometimes not being seen again until the Spring.
Try as they may, the founders of the Church could not dissuade people from these celebrations. So, the church leaders decided to “highjack” the tradition in a case of “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”. It was decided to move the celebration of Jesus’ birth from Spring (when he was really born) to around the Winter Solstice, and it was decided to superimpose the giving of the “excess”gifts to the story of the gifts of the Magi. This way the Church no longer had to fight the celebrations of the indigenous people but merely attempted to change its purpose and meaning and make it a “holy day” and to have a Christ Mass.
So, am I suggesting that you no longer celebrate the Season with whatever spiritual/religious meaning it has for you? Absolutely not! In fact, just the opposite.
During the many years of my intense study of comparative religions one of the things that struck me was how many of the major and minor religions have holidays around the time of the Solstice. I have also been struck with the energies of that Season and how it seems to be the one time when there is an actual opening of the heart and a genuine wish for good will. In essence, the heart chakra of the world opens up during this time and the ability to connect with others is intensified. It has been my personal tradition to engage in meditations of peace and love and send these energies to all beings on the Earth and to the Earth itself. In other words, I have “high-jacked” the Season’s Greetings for my own spiritual purpose.
So have a very, very, very, very Happy Holiday Season by whatever name you may call it. And perhaps, when you hear others complain that the true meaning of the Season has been lost, you too may have a silly little smile upon your face.
Great Love to All - JOAN

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Since I sent out The Rule of Halves, I have received many inquiries along the lines of “I don’t do anything bad, I am really good.  How come I still have cancer/can’t shake this illness/am not enlightened/haven’t reversed aging yet? Etc. etc.”  Well, truthfully, I just don’t know and NEITHER DO YOU!!!!


I have two friends who are dedicated metaphysicians who still are experiencing some ridiculous physical challenges.  I have asked about this and prayed about this.  This is what I do know……You just don’t know.  What I have been told is this…….”You do not have the perception to make any judgment.  Unless you have the ability to see all that has ever been experienced by this soul in all its journeys, incarnate and in other dimensions, in the aspect you call “before”, and can see all the results of any and all decisions upon this soul and all it encounters as a result of that decision in the aspect you call the “future”, then you simply do not have the perspective with which to make any “judgment” call.”  As I have contemplated this, it seems to me that only Spirit/God/the Cosmos has such a perception.  One thing is certain….I do not.


One simply cannot know what is needed by any soul for its journey and its completion.  I feel pretty certain that many of those that we know who have ascended weren’t particularly pleased with the circumstances that proceeded that ascension.  I do believe that even Jesus asked that “this cup pass from me”.  I’m pretty sure Mafu wasn’t too keen on being a leper in Pompeii nor was Ramtha too thrilled about sitting on a rock for 7 years recovering my near fatal wounds.  The point being, if one KNEW that whatever “distress” they were undergoing would be the last little bit that was needed to become enlightened, I’m sure they would say (perhaps reluctantly) “okay, go ahead”.


Now… are a few things that I put forth for contemplation.


**  Why  on earth are you using your situation to “judge” your spiritual progress?  In fact, why are you judging your progress at all?

            This morning while I was in my “receiving chamber”…aka the shower….I received the following:

            Competitive comparison belongs in the domain of the ego only.  It is not found anywhere else in the realm of God.  One does not walk into a forest and see a copse of trees and find them whispering, “Look at that shabby stand of trees, they will never amount to anything”.  One does not hear the bumblebee cry, “Why, oh why, can’t I be like the African Grey Parrot and communicate with humans” and then hear the Parrot, as he angrily plucks out his feathers, moan, “So I can communicate with humans, big deal.  I have no manual dexterity.  Why, oh why, can’t I be like the ape?”  And one doesn’t find the cherubim and seraphim huddled in the corners of heaven, whispering and plotting, “if we combine forces and manage a sneak attack we can knock that high and mighty Archangel off his throne.”

            After I finished laughing, I “got it”.  Only the ego judges itself.  The rest of the realm of God simply is what it is. 

            So, you ask, “Does this mean I can just sit back and coast.”  No, no, mon cher!  But, all one has to do is diligently apply the Fourth Agreement….ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.  (Realizing, of course, one’s best one day will not look like one’s best on any other day.)  By virtue of the laws of creation that single act MUST compel you forward toward more, because that IS the essence of creation.


**  Since you cannot judge another, you most assuredly cannot judge yourself.  When I was studying with Maharishi and he was teaching us about the states of Consciousness there became a rash of students running around asking, “What state of Consciousness are you at?  I’m at the 4th state.”  However, if you asked Maharishi what state of Consciousness he was in he would reply, “I’m in the waking state right now.  Later tonight I’ll be in the sleeping state.”  In other words, if you thing you are at a certain level, YOU ARE NOT.  It has been my experience that if one “asks” and “questions”, then one “isn’t”.  When you are what you are, when you forget to “check and see how you are doing”, then and only then have you arrived.


**  By judging “where you are in the process” you are inadvertently judging everyone else.  Please remember, everyone’s journey is a contract between that soul and God, and it quite literally is none of your business.  Your predominating thought about any other being should be that they live their highest and best at all times and that you wish for them all the beauty of life.  Also, please remember, that every movement by ANY member of “The Human Being” is of benefit to you as it raises the collective consciousness, ergo, it would behoove one to become a monumental “cheerleader” for each and every being on the planet.


** There is no “finish line”.  Whenever you reach whatever goal you think you have set, the Creator will have moved the “finish line” by the very fact that creation is a constant on-going thing.  So relax, breathe and look for the riches of each and every moment.


Sent with the love that fills me -- JOAN