Monday, December 17, 2012


Note:  “Received” this morning – indeed, most of the morning.




In light of the events that have happened over this past weekend, I have received several calls from people trying to make sense of what has happened.  I do not think that will be possible, because to “make sense” means to put “reason” to it and attempt to place everything into a box of 3 dimensional understanding.


As always, I am reminded, “YOU DO NOT KNOW”.  As I have shared with you before, only one who has the perspective of knowing all that has ever been and ever shall be for all the souls involved will have the “right” for any kind of discussion about events.  And, as I have shared before, from my limited point of view, that perspective is held only by Spirit, by whatever name you call it.


I am also reminded that we “do not know” what the spiritual contracts amongst these individuals and between themselves and Spirit are.  And, it is not ours to know.


But I do know a few things…..


·        In as much as possible, please refrain from ANY judgment on any aspect of this occurrence.  And above all else, please do not engage in “righteous indignation” of any sort on any topic.

·        At every turn, keep your heart as wide open as you can – for ALL involved in any way…..and we do mean all, media, families, country, etc.

·        In response to questions of “How is this still in my reality” I would say to look within yourself for every act of violence.  Let yourself become aware of even the smallest amount of rage, revenge, or hostility against anything and anyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF.  Look at your words, “I’d like to strangle him”, “I could have just killed the jerk”, “I’d like to give her a piece of my mind”.  As long as there is violence within yourself, there will be violence in your “reality” to reflect such back to you.

·        Allow yourself an honest introspection about what part of you has abdicated responsibility to others, including any “hope/belief” that someone/something outside yourself (say, the Galactic Federation, angels, guides, etc.) will “do the work for you” so that you can simply just arrive one day as an enlightened being.  Hint:  Every time you abdicate responsibility you abdicate power, thereby lessening the wholeness of who you are, ergo, the wholeness that is The Human Being.

·        In response to questions about how could this happen after 12-12-12.  Remember all of creation has a frequency assigned to it.  Just as there would be no penthouse without a basement, there can be no 5th Dimension without a 3rd Dimension.  The opportunity before us is to be intentional as to where we put our focus and at what “address” do we choose to live.  If you want to truly live “up town”, then you must release your “ghetto apartment”.  One simply cannot be in a higher dimension and retain all of the “cherished stuff” from the lower dimension.  Even science says that no two things can occupy the same space.


Now is NOT the time to try to change anybody’s views about anything.  If you find yourself in the presence of others who are outraged at this “tragedy” let yourself see that person’s own inner pain and torment.  If you are required to “say” anything simply say, “Yes, it is beyond comprehension.  All we can do is pray for strength and compassion.”  AND THEN MOVE ON.


Realize that everything that is happening now and will happen is an opportunity for us to “choose again” and to exercise the power of free will given us by our creator to create Peace.  And, in the words of that old prayer/song, “Let Peace Begin With Me.”

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