Monday, July 15, 2013


(This is being written in response to questions and remarks initiated by the posting of “Convergence of Thoughts.”


There seems to be some confusion regarding “do your best” and “perfection”.  So let’s discuss that a little bit.


I certainly did not mean to imply that one should set out to be the world’s best/perfect anything – Olympic champ, entrepreneur, corporate giant, mother/father, or anything else.  I did mean that one should endeavor to do “your” best at all times.  It can often be that the person who came in 10th place and did their best was more successful than the person who came in 3rd and slacked off.  This is NOT about being “perfect” or #1 in all things.  It IS about being present and conscious in whatever you do and not doing anything by half-measures.


Although it is important to do one’s best at whatever activity one is engaged in, the truer interpretation of the previous writing is this – You at Your Best is an aspect of the Creator, and it is THOSE aspects that have no quarter-sanction.  There are no degrees of love, peace, joy, kindness, allowing.  (One either IS or is NOT.)  THOSE are the areas wherein it is important to be YOU at YOUR BEST – the best defined here at the Spiritual Being that you are.


I know the bar is high, but then, who wants to aim low?


Love you all -- JOAN

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This morning I had an epiphany as a result of the confluence of three things:

1)     Contemplation about a documentary called “Kumare”

2)     The phrase:  “Do You”

3)     And, the 4th Agreement, “Always Do Your Best”


KUMARE:  I few days ago I received the following email from Jo Baner:

“Art and I watched a movie last night called "Kumare". It's a documentary of a guy that was trying to prove that anyone can be a guru just by faking it....or something like that.

Anyway, this is the best example of what "living your Avatar" is all about. I was amazed. Even the guy who did this found that the outcome was not what he expected. All through the film I was thinking....."he's living his purpose and he doesn't even realize it yet!"


And so, I streamed the documentary on Netflix and was profoundly affected.  In fact, I just let myself float for days asking to be shown everything there was to know about this.  Last night I watched it for the second time, and again, the light bulbs kept flashing all night.


I may write more about this in the future, but I wanted you to know about the documentary as it was the playing field for everything that followed.  At this point, I think I could do a weekend seminar on all that has been revealed for me.

And yes, it is an excellent example of living one’s Spiritual model.


DO YOU:  For years I have been asked some form of “What do I do?”  It may have been phrased as wanting to know what kind of meditation, asana, diet, exercise, spiritual practice or just “What is my mission/purpose in life?”  If I tried to respond with “It isn’t what you do, but how you do it,” or “Just Be” I was most often greeted with blank stares.


In the past few years the phrase “Do You” has become popular.  But, you see, the trick is which “You” do you “Do”?  Is it the one that was molded by your parents, environment and limited thought?  Or is it the one that is your true spiritual self?

ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST:  For years I have thought I understood and applied this, the Fourth Agreement (Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz).  And I have taught this in many informs, including an understanding that some days your best is better than others.  But then this morning, this phrase turned in to….




And here is where the confluence of thought happened.


It occurred to me that I have never heard Spirit say, “Forgive me, but I’m having a bad/off day today and I’m just not at my best.” Or, “Sorry, I’m doing my best, but I’m just not up to par, I’ll do better next time.”


Again, the trick is YOU(R) BEST.  And what else could that be but your Spiritual Self applied at ALL times in ALL things that you DO with no excuses or expectations of a “day off” from being that BEING that is the truth of who you are.



1)     Have I, in any way, lowered my expectations of what my Spiritual Avatar would be like?  Have I, in any way, given myself some “excuses” for “only being human”?

2)    What thought patterns do I allow in my mind that I would not expect to hear from the Mind of God?

3)    And finally, here is the kicker:

I realized it is time to draw a line in the Universal sand.  On one side stands the Spiritual Aspirant – one who studies and practices Spiritual expression, and on the other side stands the Spiritual Being – one who IS Spiritual expression.  And the time, it appears, has now come to decide on which side shall I stand.


And so I pose the same question to you.