Saturday, June 23, 2012


You have asked about the difference between joy and happiness.  It is a matter of collective conscious usage.

As it is now upon your plane, “happy” carries a connotation that requires an “about something” attached to it.  You are “happy” because of something, or you are “unhappy” because of something.  In other words, “happy” implies outside stimulus and is a “result” of something.  It is experienced from the outside in. It also implies a fulcrum point of vibration that would indicate you could be “knocked off” your point of happiness.

Joy, on the other hand, is simply a state of being.  Observe, that you do not say, “I am in joy about….”  Or “I am out of joy about….”.  Joy just is.  If you are “joyous” you take that emotion into every experience you have.  In other words, it expresses from the inside out.

Choose to be joyous in each and every moment regardless of the activity around you – then watch the activity change to match your vibration of joy.

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