Sunday, June 24, 2012


We will be discussing “Finishing”.  What is important here is the vibrational rate upon transition – either the leaving of the body or soul ascension.  In truth, “Finishing” can refer to any moment of the time/space continuum where one embraces the eternal Now.

At the time of “Finishing” it is imperative that one releases all residue of guilt and blame and stands in the perfection of all that is.  If one is making a transition this will be of great importance, as the vibrational frequency at that moment serves as a “final test” on the report card of life.  Even if one has led a despicable life, if the Finishing frequency is aligned with the Universe, THAT will be the frequency which decides the future evolution of the soul.

“Finishing” is different from being “Complete”.  “Complete” is a resigned acceptance of what has been, and activates Karma.  “Finishing” is an active embrace of what has been and negates Karma.

So, how does one get to that understanding?

A Course In Miracles refers to the Holy Instant.  Other modalities speak of the Present or the Now.  By whatever name it is known, there is, in Truth, only this very moment.  At this moment there never has been nor shall there ever be any other moment, for in the timelessness of eternity there is only NOW.  To be in purity one comes to understand that all that has been perceived as “yesterday” – be it in this lifetime or previous ones – has been the perfection of what makes up the components of this Holy Now.  Without all that has seemingly occurred this Now would not exist.  Therefore, a great swelling of unconditional love occurs wherein all that one has experienced is embraced.  Here, even forgiveness is not necessary because all elements of judgment are dropped.  And, if there is no judgment there is nothing to forgive.  It is as if one suddenly releases all of the “baggage” of what “was” to live in the Glory of what “Is”.  Herein is the peace, freedom and love that is God.

One does not have to “wait” for this moment.  One creates it – NOW.

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