Friday, May 4, 2012


There is a tendency to see your world as fragmented.  You want to segment out various aspects of your life --- your personal life, your professional life, your social life, your intimate life, your spiritual life, your political life, etc. etc.

It is true that when you do this you also segment your vibrational frequency – your personal life frequency is thus-and-so, your professional life is thus-and-so, etc.  HOWEVER, your life as experienced by the Universe is NOT segmented.  So, it is the composite of your segments that vibrates in the All – the “average” if you will.  While on some level that may give you comfort, i.e. “I’m really doing well in this phase of my life”, it would behoove you to move beyond this and begin to think in terms of a whole light of expression.

In other words, the Universe functions as inclusive, not exclusive.  Given the above example, the Universe includes the lowest of your vibrations, it does not exclude the “high” and “low” for computation. 

This becomes important as you endeavor to consciously create.  An appropriate goal would be to express at the highest vibration possible in any and every given moment, excluding no moments for the “luxury” of “time-out”.  It is a little like being pregnant – one either is or is not.  One cannot be pregnant during certain circumstances and not  pregnant in others.

It is not important to worry about “what” the frequency is so much as to understand that it is either a frequency of inclusion or exclusion.  An easy way to become aware of this is to begin to differentiate between your energy of expansion or contraction.  If you are feeling expanded, or open, you are including.  If you are feeling contracted, or closed, you are excluding.  Allow yourself to become acutely aware of this at all times.  As you would say, 24/7/365.

Be conscious of the fact that one cannot be expansive if one is not also giving.  In other words, hoarding, in any form is contractive.  This applies to your time, your love, your goodwill, your good thoughts.  You cannot open to receive and then “stop” the energy when it arrives at “you”.  By function, it must come to and through you.  If you perceive lack of receivership in any area, look to see how you are “giving” in the same area.  This does not necessarily mean in tangibles.  It does mean in energy.

Remember, everything --- everything, everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is energy.  And everything – everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is included in the Laws of the Universe.  And EV-ER-Y-THING is a part of the One.

Go, be joyous in All That Is.

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