Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The first that I ever heard of the concept that thought creates came from the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, which came into my life 43 ½ years ago.  Over the ensuing decades I have studied and taught this concept by various names – prosperity thinking, positive thinking, creative visualization, manifesting, law of attraction – and with various methodologies for support – affirmations, goal setting, creating dream boards, etc.  The general public has moved from As A Man Thinketh to The Secret.  Regardless of what it is called, or how it is practiced, the basis is the same… THOUGHT = CREATION/MANIFESTION.


BUT HERE’S THE KICKER:  EVERY thought creates!


Too many times over the years I have heard variations of:


            “I said my affirmations for 20 minutes,”

            “I worked on my goals/dream board for 30 minutes,”

            “I read 2 chapters in my positive thinking book,” BUT

            “I still am not getting what I want”, or, “S*%#% still happens.”


To which I reply, “Well, DUH…..what are you doing the other 23 hours 30 minutes of the day?”


There seems to be some “hope/thought” that only the things one thinks during the 30 minutes of dedicated “work” will manifest and every other thought has no ramifications.  NOT TRUE!


THE “X-FACTOR”:  Emotion is the rocket fuel for thought.  Every time you add emotion to the equation you multiply the potentiality for manifestation.  The more intense the emotion, the greater the multiplying factor.


One of the most important steps in mastering this process is learning the value of “Neutral”.  I have used several metaphors to try to help people understand this process, i.e.,    “Consider the thoughts that pass through you mind as you would visitors to your door.  Some you invite in with open arms, and some you do not let pass the door.” – You don’t become angry at the ones you do not let in, you simply say “no thanks” and let them be on their way.


During these times of heightened energies and manifestation, it is my personal belief that there is NOTHING more important that being mindful of what thoughts you embrace and energize and what you are in truth creating.  But sometimes it is just near to impossible to jump from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  This is where Neutral becomes a higher value.  To this end, I have adopted what I call the Spiritual Hippocratic Oath:




Remembering that ALL thoughts create!  Make it a priority to see that you do not entertain or energize anything that you do not want to manifest in your life.  If you find yourself embroiled in negative thinking of any kind, seek to neutralize those thoughts.  That means to take away all the energy on said thoughts.  Remove all emotions and do not allow yourself to wallow in those thoughts.  Just be neutral.  In effect, create nothing…in as much as possible.


Please, please imprint this upon your brain…


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