Thursday, March 14, 2013



This is being written in response to what I have been witnessing in those with whom I work closely in the Avatar program, as well as others with whom I interact.  It seems that the Ego is having a big “waahh” right now, and it appears to be an appropriate time to address the issue.


Regardless of the context in which you hold the ego – a tool of the “dark”, a safety mechanism gone berserk,  the limited versus the unlimited – all mechanisms of the ego serve one purpose and one purpose only……to perpetuate the illusion of “separate”.  (We are not concerned with the context for this writing, only the construct of the mechanism.)  Every single thing the Ego champions, be it hate, fear, anger, pride, etc. is to foster the idea of “you” vs. “them”.  Unity is anathema to the Ego.  You must see yourself as apart from everything in order for the Ego to have meaning and purpose.


“Trust only me,” the Ego screams.  “I alone have your best interests at heart.  I alone care what happens to you.  No one else is looking out for your interests.”  What the Ego means is that it is looking out for itself.


As you proceed on the spiritual path, you come to a place where the Ego can “see the hand-writing on the wall”.  If you go any further, the Ego will lose its hold on you.  If you begin to see the union with all things that is the truth of who you are the Ego begins to scream and shout and do whatever it can to distract you.  This is what I mean by an “Ego wah”.  In short, it is having a temper tantrum.  Part of that temper tantrum will manifest as the Ego-part of you begins to “argue for its limitations”….”well, that’s just the way I am”,  “I can’t help it, it’s genetic,” “I was raised to believe that way”, etc.  In short, the Ego wants you to remain victim of all you have been rather than to proceed to all you can be and all that, in truth, you truly are.


When you find yourself in such a “wah” remember that everything in limited consciousness is an equation of prices and rewards (see previous writing).  So, ask yourself “If I give up this idea, action, belief, what would that mean for me?”  Undoubtedly you will run up again the fear that “I won’t know who I am”.  Sneakily the Ego will say, “See I told you so.” 


Consider this one of the steps of passage that is necessary to the spiritual sojourner.  Allow yourself to look at all that may be gained rather than what may be lost….and pursue your truth.  With amusement acknowledge the Ego’s “temper tantrum” and choose not to “play”.  And enjoy the rewards that will rush to meet you as you emerge on the other side.


And, remember, I am always here for you if you would like a helping hand.


With great love, JOAN

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