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Personal:  I call myself a Life “Guide” not “Coach” for a reason.  I see myself like a guide one might hire to take on a trek in Tibet or a safari in Africa.  Someone who knows the terrain and can help you have your journey at the optimum level.  That being said, I am always somewhat hesitant to write about subjects such as today’s topic as there is a fine line between “informing” and “planting a thought”.  However, I made a commitment 2 years ago in Don’s recovery room, and it is my intention to honor that commitment however personally uncomfortable it may sometimes be.

Cautionary:  If you have NOT had any of the experiences described below, PLEASE do NOT assign any meaning to it and do NOT use it as any self judgment.  You may have had some different experience or your experience may be yet to come.  I only offer the following in the sense that it what a guide would do.




Apparently there was a huge download of energy last weekend.  (You can research it for yourself, or, if you happen to be lucky enough to know friend Fran [a beautiful being who’s dedicated her life to spreading the information of the light] you can waylay her and she can fill you in.)


There have been many reports of responses to this energy surge.  Some have reported melancholy, deep depression, heart palpitations, horrendous headaches, light-headedness, vertigo and one reported what was called an “Incredible Hulk”-like rage.  Fran, Don and I all experienced violent vomiting.  Don had no fever but a lot of body aches.  I had intense fever and diarrhea as well.  Fortunately, this seems to last only about 16-20 hours, after which the body will need some time to adjust.


During my experience of this energy integration I had several experiences which I would like to share as they came in moments of great clarity. 


·         It was EXTREMELY clear that it was IMPERATIVE that one does not label the experience.  Please refrain from using words like “flu”, “sick”, “depressed” or any other 3rd dimensional labeling system.  For one thing, you don’t want to bring any ancillary symptoms from whatever you have named your experience.  Trust me, whatever you experience will be enough.  If you must talk about it just call it “movement in the body”.

·        I was astounded to see how incredibly invested the ego is in the drama of “being sick”/”being out of sorts”, and how very much it wanted to play the “poor pitiful me” card.  At one point I realized that staying ahead of the ego’s need for the drama was harder “work” than trying to keep water down.  (Now that’s sick J.)

·        Even though the body was going through its rigors I was not.  I realized it was important for me to maintain clarity about that difference.  Don and I did 2 things to help with this:  (1) we used humor as much as possible, i.e. “helluva’ way to lose weight”, and (2) we spoke words of gratitude and love as much as possible, i.e. “I’m so grateful we both didn’t go down at the same time and we are here to support each other”.

·        I was told during Don’s episode to view this as an “initiation” of sorts and to honor the event as a rite of passage.  I honestly believe that it is important to stay in an attitude of “I allow” and to be as present as possible.  Put aside worries about what isn’t getting done while you are in the throes of your experience so that you can become aligned with the process.

·        I found it appropriate to invoke the prayer “Ho-oponopono” on several occasions as part of integrating new energies is releasing old energies.

·        I had one of those experiences where a montage of images flashed before me for about 2 hours.  It is quite clear that the construct and context of our lives is changing rapidly and it would be wise to become as adaptable as possible.


After the 16-20 hours both of us experienced a sense of “not really being here” as if we were out of sync with things.  It took a couple of days for equilibrium to return.  Even now we are moving at “slow motion”. 


BTW, the person with the “Hulk”-like rage almost caused a car accident and as terrible as that may seem they “saw” in that instant what anger can do and have now made the conscious decision to remove it from their life.


Whatever your experience of the “new energies” may be, it behooves you to not label/limit it to any previous understanding.  All that is new and wonderful is eagerly awaiting access to you, your consciousness and your life.  Open the doors of your heart and life as wide as you can and let the light shine in.


With great love -- JOAN

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