Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, we are off and running at this time of new beginnings.  I truly believe it will be imperative that we do everything we can to facilitate the body as it adjusts to these new times.  I have been concerned that our food chain has become contaminated and our immune systems are being compromised.


I sincerely urge you to familiarize yourself with the problems with domestic wheat and domestic rice and do cease eating GMO foods. 


In the “what can I do” category I enthusiastically recommend the following sites.


Please read this.


This one may well be better if you are only going to read one. Because it has a "TED" video and is the source documentation.


You may say “I don’ have time for this” especially if you have a “take out/eat out” lifestyle, but believe me when I say what you will reap from treating your body with love and respect will be well worth it.  And if you are in charge of anyone else’s food consumption there can be no greater gift of love than this.

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