Monday, January 7, 2013


Recently the question was asked, “Isn’t to say ‘It is what it is’ a copout or excuse of the ego to keep from getting the lesson?”


Of course you are the creator of your reality, therefore if you say that is what is so then that is what is so.  However, I would like to present another perspective.


The Lesson, as I have come to understand it, is:


            When one has an incident and responds/reacts to it with their belief system and judgments in place they can only “understand” from those already established belief systems and judgments.  Therefore, they are limited as to what may be gleaned from that incident because it is colored/hidden by what they already know.

            If one can remove absolutely all belief systems and judgments and see that incident as an “it is what it is” occurrence then one is open to allowing what they do not know to come forth so that they may glean a wisdom to which they do not already have access or understanding.

            This allows an entity to look past the personalization of the ego in regard to the incident and to see the Universal wisdom/application therein.


For example:

Recently, I let Ashley out late one night.  Since Mandy & Lyla had previously gone out and come back in, I “knew” that I only had to be sure that Ashley was inside.  However, Lyla slipped past me and was shut outside for about  1 ½ hours.  (Don heard her and let her in.)  When he told me about the incident in the morning, I had a couple of options as to how to react.


1)     My “old self” would have created drama and gone into blame, guilt, and regret and had a bunch of tears.  Internal conversation would have been something like, “How could I have done such a thing?  What is wrong with me?  I’m bad/terrible/awful and need to be horse-whipped?, or

2)    I could step back and remove all beliefs and judgment and let it be “what it was”.  (I did hug Lyla and showered her with love and blessed her for the “teacher” I knew she would be from this incident.)


Had I reacted with Scenario 1, the “lesson” I would have taken away would have been “Always count your dogs.”  Not a bad lesson in and of itself but it is, in truth, a behavioral lesson and it would have further demeaned my self-worth by continuing the blame and shame game.


By letting the incident “sit” and percolate so that I could allow its inherent wisdom to come forth what I received was this:


            The truth of a moment that is past is not necessarily the truth of this moment.  It would be a wise entity who did not “rest” in what it “knows” of what has been but rather is ever diligent to see what is the truth of this Now.


This great wisdom had nothing to do with “dogs” but has given me some guidance for my spiritual journey.


As I write this I am “urged” to offer this gentle reminder:


Nothing has any inherent “meaning”.  All meaning is assigned by the ego.  A rock is just a rock until it is labeled and assigned meaning and value as a diamond.  Likewise all experiences are experiences whose purpose is to allow us to have insight so as to advance our spiritual progress and further connect us to the Universe.


Also, please remember that judgments of good/bad, right/wrong, worthy/unworthy are third dimensional.  That is neither a good or bad thing, however, it is not found in higher dimensions.  As we move into the higher frequencies now before us the emphasis is on allowance and the unification of the Oneness.


As always, this is offered with the greatest of love from the Sacred Stream of Consciousness through me.


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