Saturday, January 5, 2013


“There are no extra parts in the Universe.  It is like pi – everything is contained within it and if something is removed it is incomplete.”

                                                            Mr. Finch, “Person of Interest”


As I watched one of my favorite TV shows I was blown away when I heard the above and had to play it over again to be sure I had heard it right.  It reminded me of a lesson I was given in August 1987.


I had just had a life changing experience and felt totally lost as to what I was doing, my purpose, my reason for being, the choices I had made.  I found myself lying on the beach just north of Los Angeles crying my heart out.  All of a sudden I heard very clearly,


            “Go down 1 mile from where you lay and remove but one grain of sand.  Then watch as the entire planet must rearrange itself to adjust to the removal of that grain of sand. 

            Every single piece of Creation exists because it must be for the Universe to be Whole.  Without you, there would be a void in the Isness, and that is not the Plan of God.  Your value is that you ARE and you ARE the only one that can be you. You are what makes the Universe Whole.“


In this time of new beginnings, as our worlds are rearranged it is easy to get caught up in valuing ourselves by old standards – what we do, what we have, who we know, what choices we made, etc.  The only “yardstick” that applies in these new times will be “your value is that you exist”.  Everything else is of the ego.


“YOU ARE A BLESSING IN MY LIFE.  WITHOUT YOU I WOULD NOT BE WHO I AM” and without you, my Universe would not be Whole.  I Love that you exist!


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