Saturday, May 25, 2013


I usually bless my food/meal and give thanks for it.  However, at the end of what would have been my “usual” blessing, this came through:  Bless those who raised this food, transported it, marketed it and prepared it and may the souls of all the hands who have touched this food be assisted in raising their consciousness to the highest level allowed by Universal Law.


Stunned, I asked, “What the heck was that all about?”  And, the answer is:


            You are used to “praying” for individuals and identified groups, such as those in Darfur or victims of tragedies.  It is time you realized your connectedness and interdependence upon all those who impact your life that you do not know and do not acknowledge.  Begin blessing and praying for every individual that impacts your life.  For example, whenever you go into a store, bless everyone who works there and supplies the store and ask for assistance in their awakening process.  Do this everywhere you go and with everything you do.

            This will accomplish 3 things:

1)     You will find yourself in constant prayer.

2)    You will become increasingly aware of how every individual in the world affects your life and they will become precious to you.

3)    It will help with the raising of the collective consciousness, which will help to accelerate the many things you wish to see manifest.


If you will allow yourself to ponder the implications of this I think you will see how amazingly profound this simple little thing can be.


With Great Love -- JOAN 

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