Friday, May 24, 2013


I have chosen not to write about “ascension symptoms” as I believe there is a plethora of information out there.  However, I have noticed recently that there is a “theme” arising with the people to whom I speak – whether they are in the Avatar program or just in “regular” life.  So, I would like to address a couple of things.


There are a basic set of “symptoms” that fall into what a friend of mine called the “Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome” (J&HS).  They include:


·         Feeling loving, kind, joyous, and one with the Universe one day, and then wanting to beat the stuffing out of someone the next day or tell someone off with unexplained anger showing up at the strangest times.

·        Feeling like you’re 35 years old, clear headed, have lots of strength & energy and feeling like anything and everything is possible.  Then the next day feeling 135 years old, achy, pains everywhere, muddled thinking and not one dang thing feels possible to do.

·        At love with life one day, borderline depression the next.

·        Feeling awake, light and lively one day and then feeling so tired, sluggish and heavy the next you can hardly drag the body around.


The following is what I have learned about the above from the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.  


The experiences above are a result of “dimensional slips”; that is, the “higher” experiences are a result of higher dimensional experiences, and conversely the lower symptoms are from lower dimensional experiences.  It seems that we are in the process of “sliding” between dimensions.  This serves two purposes:  (1) it gets us used to the higher frequencies without “frying” our circuits, and (2) it allows us to finish and clean up business left at the lower frequencies.  This analogy was given me: Imagine you have a bucket of murky water.  If you take a piece of cheesecloth and dip it deep into the bucket and pull it up, there will be residue of the muck on the cloth.  If you clean the cloth and repeat the process eventually you will have a clean bucket of water.  So is it with the process of “cleaning” out our lower frequency selves to better prepare us for the higher frequencies.

I was also told that those who have the knowledge and consciousness about what is happening, i.e. the ascension process, will be able to maximize the benefits of these experiences and minimize the difficulties. It seems extremely important that we resist the temptation to “label” these occurrences with illness names or other old 3rd dimensional explanations.


 It would appear that since the earth and much of mankind has already made ascension progress the collective is benefiting from the work that spiritual sojourners have done for the past few decades.  Therefore, even those who do not understand what is going on are experiencing the “J&HS”.  I was also told to look at TV ads, news and general references and notice the apparent rise in conversation about products to boost energy, deal with depression, create a better mood, and to notice the inexplicable increase in anger events and people seemingly going nuts.  Because the collective does not have the knowledge and consciousness of what is happening, they are at effect of these experiences and are labeling and calling them by old paradigm names.


In regard to the tiredness and sluggishness, I was given the following analogy:  Imagine that you have put on a space suit, or a deep sea diving suit, or even the lighter weight haz/mat suit.  You can move about and even have some dexterity with your hands.  But, your movements are hindered by the suit around you which impedes the freedom of your movement.  Everything you try to do takes extra energy and concentration to get accomplished.  So it now is with your body.  It is that “suit” that you have become aware of in a different manner.  For the first time, you are becoming aware of the truth of the fact that you are Spirit with a body, not a body with a Spirit.


I hope this will help some of you.  It certainly has helped those with whom I have worked.  At any rate, please know that it is shared with the greatest of love and joy at the progress that is being made at this time. 


Bursting with joy and love -- JOAN


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