Thursday, June 20, 2013


It’s time to take a look at self-limiting definitions.  What are they?  They are the “stories” we have accepted and tell ourselves that shape our view of who we think we are.  They are the lenses through which we view our life experiences and which limit our thinking and perspective.  Self-limiting definitions are the boxes around our potentiality and possibility. In truth, they are our pre-judgment/prejudices of our lives. 


Here are some of the “greatest hits” that I have heard over and over throughout the past few years.


·         I am an adult child of an alcoholic/drug addict.

·        I grew up in an abusive home.

·        My mother/father was a tyrant.

·        My family is predisposed to alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.

·        Nothing I ever did was good enough for my Mother/Father.

·        Nothing I ever do is good enough for my wife/husband.

·        I had to fight for everything I had when I was growing up.

·        I grew up in a poor family.

·        I had a single parent and he/she was never around.

·        I was bullied/abused/beaten as a child.

·        My parents were strict Catholics/Jews/Lutherans/Democrats/Republicans and I was raised that way.

·        I was never allowed to do what I wanted to do; I always had to do what my mother/father/wife/husband wanted me to do.


And here is the “kicker”, this also applies to past-life and metaphysical stories as well.


·        I was burned as a witch.

·        I was raped/killed/beaten

·        I was a Queen/King or peasant/slave

·        I am a Pleidian/Syrian

·        I am a Starseed

·        I am a walk-in

Now, here’s the thing.  BOTH this life’s story and past lives’ stories are the same.  They are ALL in the past, and have NOTHING to do with NOW.


BUT, you say, “I really did grow up with……have….”  That may indeed be the circumstances as you know them to be, but again, that was then and now is now, everything that is of the past that you allow color your “now” is by function a self-limiting definition.


Over 20 years ago I channeled a teaching which my husband called “The Last Lesson” (one of the founding principles of the Avatar Program).  The summary statement for that lesson is:  Live your life empowered by YOUR choices and conscious intent, at absolutely NO effect of outside influences.  And that, dear ones, most assuredly includes self-limiting definitions of who you think you are.


The opportunity before you is to 1) identify any and all self-limiting definitions that you have, 2) examine how they affect all of your thoughts and actions about absolutely everything in your life, 3) try to imagine what your life would be like if you released these self-limiting definitions, and then 4) live in such a way that you are no longer at effect of these limitations.


I will “warn” you that this is one of the most “difficult” exercises I have asked you to tackle.  Why?  Because these self-limiting definitions are very intricately tied to the picture of who we think we are.  In short, we simply never ever think of ourselves without their influence upon our lives.  To try to imagine letting them go often engenders fear – fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss of identity.  Please realize that all these fears are self-limiting definitions in and of themselves.


Why would I want you to take on such an exercise?  Because it is the key to the doorway of all you can be – your unlimited potentiality of the truth of who you are – and truly unlimited being.  Freedom will be the kingdom in which you live.  And the benefits of living in the kingdom of Freedom are unlimited love, peace and joy.  I could not wish more for you than that.


Please remember – I am always here if you need assistance or clarity, and I hold you in my heart at all time.                           With great love -- JOAN

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