Tuesday, August 21, 2012


(Note:  This may be a bit rambling and disjointed as this is still quite new and I haven’t “organized” it as yet.  Please bear with me.)

In an intense experience in meditation I was presented with information that appeared as a dream.  It was not a dream, but was shown to me through the “eyes” of a dream.  In it I was participating in a reality/competition show where the Grand Prize was “Enlightenment”.  There were 3 scenarios or tests that I was shown.  I won’t bore you with the details of these scenarios, but do want to share with you the information/wisdom that was given at the end of each scenario.

Also, there were several criteria used in the “judging” (not the right word, but the only English equivalent available to me at this time).  That criteria included Integrity, Compassion and Connectedness to the Higher Self.

The first scenario surrounded Integrity.  Now, I thought I knew what word meant, but I was “shown” that it encompassed far more than I thought.  It wasn’t just “doing what is right” but it included true impeccability (absolutely no exceptions) and “walking the talk” at ALL times and in ALL situations – NO EXCEPTIONS.

The second scenario was Compassion – which was explained to me as co-passion.  It was “do unto others” kicked up a notch.  Instead of just treating others as you wanted to be treated, it was treating others as if they were you and you were them.  Also included in this was not being kinder to others than you are to yourself. (In other words, stop beating yourself up.)

The third scenario was Connectedness to Higher Self.  This was really included in all of the scenarios for the “test” was that on each and every occasion where a choice was to be made, a moment was spent “checking in” with the Higher Self and acting in concert with that wisdom with NO doubt and no questions asked.

These scenarios took a great deal of time and were filled with subtlety and were rich with meaning.  I would not be surprised if I glean more in the coming time, but I wanted to share this with you at this time because it was abundantly clear that this is now what is going on upon this planet.  The opportunity to step up and live in Integrity (in the depth of its meaning), Compassion (succinctly, Behaving As If the God in All Life Matters), and walking hand in hand with your Higher Self.  And the good news is…..the Grand Prize is Enlightenment!

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