Monday, August 20, 2012


One of the many “tricks” the Ego uses as the spiritual aspirant progresses along his journey is to “go along for the ride”.  This the Ego does by “pretending” that everything the Self is doing is okay and that the Ego approves.  Eventually, however, what sneaks up on the aspirant is the arrival of the Spiritual Ego.

The Spiritual Ego (Ego in disguise) takes on a mantle of false humbleness, false caring and kindness and develops all the mannerism it believes would “show” that it has an enlightened being.  The Spiritual Ego can become a “do-gooder”, not because it truly cares, but because it wants to be known for its deeds.  The Spiritual Ego often volunteers for all sorts of charities and events so it can be seen doing good things, often judging the very things it pretends to be helping.  The Spiritual Ego will help the less fortunate in a false pretense of kindness, all the while feeling “superior” to those in need.  The Spiritual Ego secretly keeps “score” of its advances and takes pride in all of its studies and wisdom.  It compares itself to others in a competitive way, seeing who is “more” and who is “less”, and it grades itself with a spiritual gradation, not unlike a Brown Belt or Black Belt in Martial Arts.  It is always asking of everyone, “Can’t you see how spiritual I am?” And, the Spiritual Ego indulges itself in false humility.  It pretends to be above material concerns, needing nothing, when, in fact, its needs are a hunger which has to be constantly fed.

Occasionally, the Spiritual Ego comes at the aspirant through the back door.  Instead of saying “Good job, you’re really developing spiritually” the Spiritual Ego will say “Who do you think you are?  What makes you think you have anything worth while to say?  What makes you so special?”  Although there is a tendency to think this is low self-esteem, it is quite often a very sneaky way of separating self from Self…the ultimate in denial of the Divine within.  After all, what could be more “special” than to be the worst of the worst.

The antidote to the Spiritual Ego is to take no credit or blame for anything.  For everything that comes into you life, simply say “Thank you, Holy Spirit” and know that all things work for the greater good (whether it seems so at the time or not) and that all that comes to and through you is by the Hand of God through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, you understand that you are an instrument of the Divine and your Ego nor your Spiritual Ego has anything to do with anything.

Go forth, become partners with Holy Spirit and see how very many places you can “take” God today.  And, do so in great Joy.

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