Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Watch a school of fish or a flock of birds.  Notice how, without any seeming outside influence, they will all turn at one time.  This is an example of the group mind.  It works on a level outside the field of communication as we know it.


When Spirit first began to play in human bodies, its individuated parts knew that it was part of the Whole.  Communication was not necessary as everything was shared telepathically.  All information and knowledge was available in the Now, everywhere present at all moments in the time-space continuum. 


It was only as the narcissistic ego became self-reverential that words and speech became necessary.  The ability to communicate telepathically was lost and a method of exchanging experiences and ideas was needed.  Words were developed as a way to harness an “energy” of experience or knowledge and exchange it with an-other. 


As the developing human ego became more self-absorbed and identified as an individualized separate entity, it also lost the ability to be all-knowing.  Without the ability to draw upon the Isness and “know”, it became necessary to develop a mechanism to retain certain knowledge.  Thus, the memory was created. 


Several of you have mentioned that you seem to be “losing your memory”.  The ego, of course, wants this to be a source of drama and concern.  What it also wants is for you not to acknowledge that you have spent years in spiritual pursuit with a goal of learning to live connected with Spirit in the Now.  If you have ever had even one moment of connectedness with Spirit, you will know that there is no need for “stored memory”.  Should a question be posed, the answer is instantaneously available.  (Of course, most often, there is no need for even a question.)


Next time you seem to have an experience of “losing your memory”, try getting quiet, become connected with Source and allow the information to flow to you from the Universe.  It is there…..waiting on you.

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