Monday, July 9, 2012


Those engaged in the Avatar program have been working for a few weeks with the concept of “Behaving as if the God in all life matters”*.  In conjunction with this work the following was suggested:
            Think about how you greet someone you know when you see them    unexpectedly on the street – “Hey, Joe, how are you doing?”  Now, take           that a step further.  EVERY time you see ANYONE, anywhere, silently say,          “Hey, God, how are you doing?” 

What was shown to me is that whenever you speak to anyone in any manner, you open up an “energy avenue” between the two of you.  Depending on the emotion and the context of that interaction, that avenue will carry positive or negative energy.  By speaking to the “God within” another, it opens a “God avenue”, if you will, which allows the God energy to flow.

It was explained to me that the more that God energy is activated the more easily the collective consciousness can raise its frequency, and it helps to dispel energies based in fear and accentuates energies based in love.

It was further explained to me that THE most important thing a thinking/conscious person could do would be to be about removing ANY and ALL energies/thoughts/actions based in ANY kind of fear.  I was told it would be more beneficial to mankind than all of the charity programs currently on the planet.

Therefore, please let me encourage to greet everyone (silently, of course) with “Hey God” of “Hi, God”.  I have taken it one step further and borrowing from the beloved Navi, I say, “I see you.”

*Behaving As If The God In All Life Matters is the title of a book by Maechelle Small-Wright, and was a pre-requisite for residency at our Retreat Center.  The phrase has become a “watch word” for my life.

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